Under increasing pressure in the face of teacher evaluation systems and accountability measures, schools must focus on those teachers that exhibit marginal to incompetent teaching behaviors in their classrooms. This book is a vital resource for educational leaders who are responsible for instructional programs and teacher evaluation. Zepeda’s tried-and-true strategies will help you take the necessary steps to support and mentor struggling teachers by detecting underperformance, developing strategies to help teachers, engaging in difficult conversations to enact plans of improvement, and following legal requirements. The practical tools found in this book will help teachers improve their instruction, assessment, classroom management, and teamwork.

chapter |13 pages

Framing the Issues About Underperforming Teachers

BySally J. Zepeda

chapter |18 pages

Teacher Evaluation in a Nutshell

BySally J. Zepeda

chapter |19 pages

Making the Commitment to Effective Teaching

BySally J. Zepeda

chapter |23 pages

Underperforming Teachers In and Out of the Classroom

BySally J. Zepeda

chapter |15 pages

Improvement Planning with the Underperforming Teacher

BySally J. Zepeda

chapter |26 pages

Keeping Classroom Issues out of the Courtroom

Legal Principles for Confronting Underperforming Teachers
ByAnn Elizabeth Blankenship

chapter |4 pages

Final Perspectives

BySally J. Zepeda