This book, originally published in 1986, based on extensive original research, presents many findings on the phenomenon of return migration and on its impact on regional economic development. It remains the only study of its kind. International in scope, the book includes chapters on return migration in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Jordan, Canada, Jamaica, Algeria and the Middle East.

chapter Chapter One|37 pages

Return Migration and Regional Economic Development: An Overview 1

ByRussell King

chapter Chapter Two|31 pages

Gastarbeiter Go Home: Return Migration and Economic Change in the Italian Mezzogiorno

ByRussell King, Alan Strachan, Jill Mortimer

chapter Chapter Four|21 pages

Land Tenure, Return Migration and Rural Change in the Italian Province of Chieti

ByLaurence Took

chapter Chapter Five|29 pages

The Economic Impact of Return Migration in Central Portugal

ByJim Lewis, Allan Williams

chapter Chapter Six|23 pages

Return Migration and Regional Characteristics: The Case of Greece

ByKlaus Unger

chapter Chapter Seven|19 pages

The Readjustment of Return Migrants in Western Ireland

ByGeorge Gmelch

chapter Chapter Eight|14 pages

Return Migration and Urban Change: A Jordanian Case Study

ByAllan Findlay, Musa Samha

chapter Chapter Nine|13 pages

The Impact of Return Migration in Rural Newfoundland

ByGeorge Gmelch, Barnett Richling

chapter Chapter Eleven|30 pages

Return Migration to Algeria: The Impact of State Intervention

ByRichard Lawless