Originally published in 1988. Selections here are organised chronologically looking at both theatrical commentary and literary criticism. The organisation brings out the shifts in emphasis as each generation reinvents Shakespeare, and Othello, by the questions asked, those not asked, and the answers given. Chapters cover the theme of heroic action, Iago’s motivation, guilt and jealousy, and obsession. Some entries from the world of theatre delve into the portrayal of the Moor, Desdemona and Iago from the 1940s on. Authors include A. C. Bradley, William Hazlitt, Ellen Terry, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Helen Gardner and Edward A. Snow.

chapter |6 pages

From A Treatise on the Passions

BySamuel Foote

chapter |2 pages

From Notes and Lectures upon Shakespeare

BySamuel Taylor Coleridge

chapter |20 pages

Mr. Kean's Iago

ByWilliam Hazlitt

chapter |16 pages

Booth and Salvini in the Temptation Scene

ByEdwin Booth, Edward T. Mason

chapter 5|14 pages

From Shakespearean Tragedy

ByA. C. Bradley

chapter |8 pages


ByEllen Terry

chapter |22 pages

From Stanislavsky Produces Othello

ByKonstantin Stanislavsky

chapter |10 pages

Desdemona's Handkerchief

ByJohn Middleton Murry

chapter |42 pages

Othello: An Essay to Illustrate a Method

ByKenneth Burke

chapter |20 pages

The Noble Moor

ByHelen Gardner

chapter |12 pages

Wit and Witchcraft: Thematic Form in Othello

ByRobert B. Heilman

chapter |12 pages

Barbarism and The City

ByAlvin Kernan

chapter |38 pages

Sexual Anxiety and the Male Order of Things in Othello

ByEdward A. Snow

chapter |28 pages

Patriarchal Territories: The Body Enclosed

ByPeter Stallybrass