This book aims to revisit the notion of subculture for the 21st century, reinterpreting it and extending its scope. On the one hand, the notion of resistance is redefined and applied to contemporary practices of cultural production and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, contributors reconsider the connection of subcultures to everyday culture, exploring more mainstream forms of cultural production and consumption across a wider range of social groups. As a consequence, this book extends the scope to look beyond the white, male, adolescent, urban cultures identified with earlier subcultural studies. Contributors also examine fusions and crossovers between Western and non-Western cultural practices.

chapter 1|10 pages

Contextualizing the Spectacular

part I|89 pages

Exploring New Ground

chapter 2|20 pages

Nerds, Geeks, Gamers, and Fans

Doing Subculture on the Edge of the Mainstream

chapter 3|18 pages

Creative Entrepreneurship in the Cultural Industries

Rhetoric and Realities of Youth Creative Work

chapter 4|15 pages

The Influence of Happenings on the Performative Display of Subcultures

Insights into the Beat, Mod, Provo and Hipster Movements

chapter 6|18 pages

Why Are All the Gospel Rappers Online?

The Role of Social Media Sites in Building Communities in Buffalo, New York

part II|95 pages

Revisiting Old Ground

chapter 7|16 pages

Young People on the Edge

A World of Post-Subcultures and Post-Suburbs?

chapter 8|20 pages

Club Culture in the Cultural Periphery

The Case of Estonia

chapter 9|20 pages

“Thank You for Being So Professional!”

The 1990s Club Culture as a Vehicle of Entrepreneurialism in the Post-Socialist Context

chapter 10|20 pages

Respect for the Blood

The Hungarian “Radical Galaxy” and “National Hip Hop”

chapter 11|18 pages

Communal Utopias within Nature-Based Spiritualities in the Post-Soviet Region

The Visions of an Ideal World among Vissarionites and Anastasians