The Routledge History of Global War and Society offers a sweeping introduction to the most significant research on the causes, experiences, and impacts of war throughout history. This collection of twenty-seven essays by leading historians demonstrates how war and society studies have dramatically expanded the chronological, geographic, and thematic breadth of the field of military history. Each chapter addresses the ways in which recent scholarship has integrated cultural, ethical, environmental, medical, and ideological factors to explain both conventional conflicts and genocide, terrorism, and other forms of mass violence. The broad scope of the collection makes it the perfect primer for scholars and students seeking to understand the complex interactions of warfare and those affecting and affected by conflict.

part I|161 pages

Regional and Temporal Approaches

chapter 1|13 pages

War and Society in East Asia

chapter 4|12 pages

War and Society in South Asia

chapter 9|12 pages

War and Society in Modern Europe

chapter 11|12 pages

War and Society in Latin America

part II|167 pages

Thematic Approaches

chapter 14|11 pages

Media and War

chapter 15|12 pages

War, the Body, and Health

chapter 16|12 pages

The Combatant Experience

chapter 18|8 pages

Home Fronts

chapter 19|12 pages

War, Atrocity, and Genocide

chapter 20|13 pages

War and Environment

chapter 21|10 pages

War and Terrorism

chapter 22|11 pages

Religion, Ethics, and War

chapter 24|11 pages

Gender and Sexuality

chapter 25|13 pages

Militarism and Nationalism

chapter 26|13 pages

Memory and Memorialization

chapter 27|12 pages

War and Culture