Dimensions of Marketisation in Higher Education is a critical analysis of the various dimensions of marketisation in a global context, exploring governance, policy, financial, ethical and pedagogical aspects. Bringing together a selection of influential authors who draw on the work of Roger Brown, the book is a timely examination of the impact that policies regulating cost, entry and practices in higher education can have on universities, students and academics.

This book explores the tensions and dilemmas marketisation brings into the educational environment for academic leaders, managers and students, arguing that they can be managed through rebalancing the relation between the market and the educational dimensions.

Key topics include:

  • The economics of higher education
  • Students in a marketised environment
  • Regulating a marketised sector
  • Marketisation and higher education pedagogies
  • Universities’ futures.

Unveiling nuanced and multifaceted perspectives and providing readers with collective and forward-thinking critical analyses, Dimensions of Marketisation in Higher Education will be an authoritative reference book on policy and practice, appealing to higher education leaders, managers and scholars worldwide.

chapter |11 pages

Editors' Introduction

'Fearful symmetry?' Higher education and the logic of the market

part I|54 pages

The economics of higher education

chapter 1|11 pages

Private commodities and public goods

Markets and values in higher education

chapter 2|12 pages

Paying the price of expansion

Why more for undergraduates in England means less for everyone

chapter 3|10 pages

Choice in the learning market

Tokenistic ritual or democratic education?

chapter 4|9 pages

Marketing and marketisation

What went wrong, and how can we put it right?

part II|43 pages

Students in a marketised environment

part III|30 pages

Regulating a marketised sector

chapter 10|10 pages

Regulating risk in the higher education state

Implications for policy and research

chapter 12|9 pages

Making a difference

The roles of markets and the roles of quality assurance regimes

part V|54 pages

Universities' futures

chapter 19|13 pages

Academic quality and academic responsibility

A critical reflection on collegial governance

chapter 20|10 pages

Policy, what policy?

Considering the university in the twenty-first century

chapter |8 pages

Editors' conclusion

Higher education and the market: Thoughts, themes, threads