Although media studies and digital humanities are established fields, their overlaps have not been examined in depth. This comprehensive collection fills that gap, giving readers a critical guide to understanding the array of methodologies and projects operating at the intersections of media, culture, and practice. Topics include: access, praxis, social justice, design, interaction, interfaces, mediation, materiality, remediation, data, memory, making, programming, and hacking.

chapter |6 pages


Studying Media through New Media

part I|131 pages

Access, Praxis, Justice

chapter 1|9 pages


Lessons Learned from Feminist Film Studies

chapter 2|15 pages


Entangling Feminist Affect, Action, and Production On and Offline

chapter 3|11 pages

Analog Girls in Digital Worlds

Dismantling Binaries for Digital Humanists Who Research Social Media

chapter 4|12 pages

(CYBER) Ethnographies of Contact, Dialogue, Friction

Connecting, Building, Placing, and Doing “Data”

chapter 5|11 pages

Of, by, and for the Internet

New Media Studies and Public Scholarship

chapter 6|11 pages

Women who Rock

Making Scenes, Building Communities: Convivencia and Archivista Praxis for a Digital Era

chapter 8|10 pages

Interactive Narratives

Addressing Social and Political Trauma through New Media

chapter 9|11 pages

Wear and Care

Feminisms at a Long Maker Table

chapter 10|9 pages

A Glitch in the Tower

Academia, Disability, and Digital Humanities

chapter 11|11 pages

Game Studies for Great Justice

part II|91 pages

Design, Interface, Interaction

chapter 13|11 pages

Making Meaning, Making Culture

How to Think about Technology and Cultural Reproduction

chapter 15|12 pages

Finding Fault Lines

An Approach to Speculative Design

chapter 18|9 pages

A Call to Action

Embodied Thinking and Human-Computer Interaction Design

chapter 20|8 pages

Deep Mapping

Space, Place, and Narrative as Urban Interface

chapter 21|8 pages

Smart Things, Smart Subjects

How the “Internet of Things” Enacts Pervasive Media

part III|96 pages

Mediation, Method, Materiality

chapter 22|10 pages

Approaching Sound

chapter 23|7 pages


A Diffractive Approach for Understanding Computation

chapter 24|8 pages

Software Studies Methods

chapter 26|7 pages

Turning Practice Inside Out

Digital Humanities and the Eversion

chapter 27|9 pages

Conjunctive and Disjunctive Networks

Affects, Technics, and Arts in the Experience of Relation

chapter 28|9 pages

From “Live” to Real Time

On Future Television Studies

chapter 29|8 pages


Catching Up to the Moving Image Online

chapter 30|10 pages

Images on the Move

Analytics for a Mixed Methods Approach

chapter 31|8 pages

Lost in the Clouds

A Media Theory of the Flight Recorder

chapter 32|9 pages

Scaffolding, Hard and Soft

Critical and Generative Infrastructures

part IV|116 pages

Remediation, Data, Memory

chapter 35|6 pages

Becoming A Rap Genius

African American Literary Studies and Collaborative Annotation

chapter 36|11 pages


A Method of Preservation for Born-Digital Texts

chapter 37|10 pages

New Media Arts

Creativity on the Way to the Archive

chapter 38|12 pages

Apprehending the Past

Augmented Reality, Archives, and Cultural Memory

chapter 39|7 pages

Experiencing Digital Africana Studies

Bringing the Classroom to Life

chapter 40|12 pages

Engagements with Race, Memory, and the Built Environment in South Africa

A Case Study in Digital Humanities

chapter 41|10 pages

Relationships, Not Records

Digital Heritage and the Ethics of Sharing Indigenous Knowledge Online

chapter 44|10 pages

Timescape and Memory

Visualizing Big Data at the 9/11 Memorial Museum

part V|78 pages

Making, Programming, Hacking

chapter 45|8 pages

Programming as Literacy

chapter 46|9 pages

Expressive Processing

Interpretation and Creation

chapter 47|10 pages

Building Interactive Stories

chapter 48|11 pages

Reading Culture through Code

chapter 49|9 pages

Critical Unmaking

Toward a Queer Computation

chapter 50|11 pages

Making Things to make Sense of Things

DIY as Research and Practice

chapter 52|10 pages

Approaching Design as Inquiry

Magic, Myth, and Metaphor in Digital Fabrication