As India prepares to take its place in shaping the course of an ‘Asian century’, there are increasing debates about its ‘grand strategy’ and its role in a future world order. This timely and topical book presents a range of historical and contemporary interpretations and case studies on the theme. Drawing upon rich and diverse narratives that have informed India’s strategic discourse, security and foreign policy, it charts a new agenda for strategic thinking on postcolonial India from a non-Western perspective. Comprehensive and insightful, the work will prove indispensable to those in defence and strategic studies, foreign policy, political science, and modern Indian history. It will also interest policy-makers, think-tanks and diplomats.

chapter |28 pages


India's Grand Strategic Thought and Practice

part |81 pages

Grand Strategy in Indian History

part |174 pages

Grand Strategy in Modern India

chapter |38 pages

Indian Grand Strategy

Six Schools of Thought

chapter |34 pages

An Elephant with a Small ‘Footprint'

The Realist Roots of India's Strategic Thought and Policies

chapter |24 pages

‘Jiski Lathi, Uski Bhains'

The Hindu Nationalist View of International Politics

chapter |27 pages

Securing India

Gandhian Intuitions

part |222 pages

Grand Strategy: Core Interests and Vital Peripheries

chapter |21 pages

Indian Strategic Culture

The Pakistan Dimension

chapter |16 pages

Aberrant Conversationalists

India and the United States Since 1947

chapter |37 pages

Collateral Damage

Iran in a Reconfigured Indian Grand Strategy

chapter |30 pages

Redefining India's Grand Strategy?

The Evolving Nature of India's Israel Policy