For the first time, this book demonstrates that the two paradigms of architectural criticism and performance evaluation can not only co-exist but complement each other in the assessment of built works.

As architecture takes more principled stances worldwide, from environmental sustainability to social, cultural, and economic activism, this book examines the roles of perceived and measured quality in architecture. By exploring in tandem both subjective traditional architectural criticism and environmental design and performance evaluation and its objective evaluation criteria, the book argues that both methodologies and outcomes can achieve a comprehensive assessment of quality in architecture.

Curated by a global editorial team, the book includes:

  • Contributions from international architects and critics based in the UK, USA, Brazil, France, Qatar, Egypt, New Zealand, China, Japan and Germany
  • Global case studies which illustrate both perspectives addressed by the book and comparative analyses of the findings
  • A six part organization which includes introductions and conclusions from the editors, to help guide the reader and further illuminate the contributions.

By presenting a systematic approach to assessing building performance, design professionals will learn how to improve building design and performance with major stakeholders in mind, especially end users/occupants.

part |2 pages

PART I Introduction

chapter 1|18 pages


ByWolfgang F. E. Preiser, Aaron T. Davis, Ashraf M. Salama, Andrea Hardy

part |2 pages

PART II Evolution and role of architectural criticism

chapter 3|9 pages

The role of editors as critics

ByMichael J. Crosbie

chapter 4|7 pages

Is curating the new criticism?

ByPedro Gadanho

chapter 5|13 pages

Architectural criticism and radicalism in Brazil

ByJos é T. Lira

chapter 7|8 pages

The performance of buildings, architects, and critics

ByThomas Fisher

chapter |6 pages

Reflections on Part II

part |2 pages

PART III Plurality of perspectives on criticism in architecture

part |2 pages

PART IV Historical review and types of building performance evaluation

chapter 14|13 pages

Historical review of building performance evaluation

ByWolfgang F. E. Preiser, Andrea Hardy

chapter 15|11 pages

Building performance evaluation in the UK: so many false dawns

ByBill Bordass, Adrian Leaman

chapter 17|10 pages

Architectural criticism meets building evaluation in Japan

ByAkikazu Kato, Gen Taniguchi, Shiho Mori

chapter |5 pages

Reflections on Part IV

part |2 pages

PART V Architectural analysis within building performance evaluation

chapter 22|12 pages

Quality assessments in health care environments

ByDina Battisto, Deborah Franqui, Clayton Boenecke

chapter 23|8 pages

Building performance evaluations and universal design

ByKorydon H. Smith

chapter 24|13 pages

Regenerative design: redefi ning the limits of architectural judgment

ByElizabeth A. Walsh, Steven A. Moore

chapter |4 pages

Reflections on Part V

part |2 pages

PART VI Epilogue

chapter 25|7 pages

Talking the talk: about architecture

ByIke Ijeh