Universities and Engagement is a timely and insightful book that examines what universities can contribute to their communities and economies through lifelong learning, a topic which is of increasing importance to Higher Education Institutions across the world.

The book will offer an answer to the question ‘What can be understood by University Lifelong Learning today?’ by collating the work of specialists from across Europe and beyond who have first-hand experience in the field of university engagement through continuing education. With a diverse range of expertise from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Malta, Belgium, New Zealand, Austria and the USA, readers are guaranteed a varied and informative collection of perspectives on this important topic.

Taken as a whole, the book provides a theoretical background for readers, drawing on recent research and practice examples from a variety of countries and institutional settings, as well as demonstrating a variety of conceptual approaches, confirming the diverse range of possible solutions. Key topics covered include:

    • research into policy and practice;
    • engaging with business and industry;
    • engaging with communities;
    • engaging with an ageing society;
    • active citizenship and regional competitiveness.

Developed in collaboration with the European University Continuing Education Network (EUCEN), Universities and Engagement is an invaluable contribution to research in the subject of lifelong learning. It will be of value to academics, practitioners and professionals with an interest in higher education and community management, and will be particularly suited to those interested in lifelong learning, adult education and community development.

chapter |10 pages


ByJohn John, Bernhard Bernhard, Andrea Andrea

chapter 1|25 pages

Policy, practice, research

ByJohn Field, Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha, Andrea Waxenegger

chapter 1|11 pages

Cultivating a culture of practitioner research in university lifelong learning

Some critical reflections
ByJosephine Finn

chapter 2|13 pages

Research–practice partnership

Improving links between research and professional practice in lifelong learning
ByFranz Franz, Marcus Marcus, Andrea Andrea

chapter 2|64 pages

Engaging with business and industry

ByJohn Field, Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha, Andrea Waxenegger

chapter 3|15 pages

Alumni of vocational education as a new target group for university continuing education

Chance and challenge for universities
ByStefan Stefan, Sören Sören

chapter 5|14 pages

Lifelong learning and the knowledge triangle in the context of university reform. a case study

ByKirsti Kirsti, Hanna-Riikka Hanna-Riikka

chapter 6|10 pages

Perceived service value

Implications for the viability of continuing education programmes
BySusan Susan, Otto Otto

chapter 7|12 pages

Opening universities for lifelong learning and the challenge of diversity management

Support of non-traditional students in Germany, Finland and Denmark
BySabine Sabine, Steffen Steffen

chapter 3|49 pages

Engaging with communities

ByJohn Field, Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha, Andrea Waxenegger

chapter 8|12 pages

When university meets community in Later Life

Subverting hegemonic discourse and practices in higher education
ByCarmel Carmel, Marvin Marvin

chapter 9|13 pages

Types and conditions of service learning

Associations with civic responsibility, self-efficacy and well-being
ByJenifer K. Jenifer K., Melanie Melanie

chapter 10|11 pages

Community-based education and learning

ByLyn Lyn

chapter 11|11 pages

Lifelong Learning for socially disadvantaged people

ByGerhild Gerhild

chapter 4|75 pages

Engaging with an ageing society

ByJohn Field, Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha, Andrea Waxenegger

chapter 12|12 pages

Learning in later life

What can universities do?
ByAlexandra Alexandra

chapter 13|12 pages

Intergenerational learning at the university

Potentials and limitations
ByBernhard Bernhard

chapter 15|11 pages

Unlocking potential for later life learning

Engaging adults in their own learning in a university setting. A case study from Scotland
ByRob Rob, Val Val, Lesley Lesley

chapter 16|11 pages

Managing age diversity in companies

Transferring competences between generations at work – Project Génération+
ByJean-Marie Jean-Marie, David David

chapter 17|14 pages

Over-50 returning adult learners: another neglected species?

ByRenaud Renaud, Michel Michel

chapter |5 pages

Looking forward

ByJohn John, Bernhard Bernhard, Andrea Andrea