Personnel selection is changing. Whilst traditional face-to-face interviews are still common, the range of assessment processes that inform the selection of candidates is increasingly diverse, taking advantage not only of new technologies, but also using new methods and strategies, such as assessment centres and personality testing. This new collection looks at the most important contemporary issues in recruitment, selection and assessment today, highlighting the latest research from the perspective of both recruiter and applicant.

The book is written by an international range of prominent scholars in this area, and provides up-to-date analysis of key topic areas, including:

  • How measurements of intelligence can impact on recruitment policies
  • The use and value of personality tests
  • An analysis of social interaction in the interview process
  • The value and impact of video resumes in recruitment
  • How social networks affect how applicants are perceived
  • Job analysis and competencies modelling

Part of the Current Issues in Work & Organizational Psychology series, this is an important book that shines a light on the latest theory and practice in employee recruitment. It will interest not only students and researchers of Organizational Psychology, HRM and Business and Management, but will also engage professionals in the field.

chapter |6 pages


ByIoannis Nikolaou, Janneke K. Oostrom

part |36 pages

Job analysis and recruitment

chapter |18 pages

Work Analysis for Personnel Selection

ByAntonio León García-Izquierdo, Luis Díaz Vilela, Silvia Moscoso

chapter |16 pages

Recruitment Processes and Organizational Attraction

ByDerek S. Chapman, David Mayers

part |54 pages

The applicants' perspective

chapter |16 pages

Video Résumés Portrayed

Findings and challenges
ByAnnemarie M. F. Hiemstra, Eva Derous

chapter |19 pages

Social Networking Websites and Personnel Selection

A call for academic research
ByDonald H. Kluemper, H. Kristl Davison, Xiaoyun Cao, Bingqing Wu

chapter |17 pages

Applicant Reactions to Selection Methods

An overview of recent research and suggestions for the future
ByIoannis Nikolaou, Talya N. Bauer, Donald M. Truxillo

part |110 pages

Advances in predictors' research

chapter |18 pages

New Developments in Intelligence Theory and Assessment

Implications for personnel selection
ByCharles Scherbaum, Harold Goldstein, Rachel Ryan, Paul Agnello, Ken Yusko, Paul Hanges

chapter |19 pages

Personality Testing in Personnel Selection

Love it? Leave it? Understand it!
ByJanina Diekmann, Cornelius J. König

chapter |18 pages

Trends in Testing

Highlights of a global survey
ByAnn Marie Ryan, Ilke Inceoglu, Dave Bartram, Juliya Golubovich, James Grand, Matthew Reeder, Eva Derous, Ioannis Nikolaou, Xiang Yao

chapter |18 pages

Beyond Validity

Shedding light on the social situation in employment interviews
ByKlaus G. Melchers, Pia V. Ingold, Annika Wilhelmy, Martin Kleinmann

chapter |18 pages

Situational Judgment Testing

A review and some new developments
ByJanneke K. Oostrom, Britt De Soete, Filip Lievens

chapter |17 pages

Assessment Centres

The latest developments on construct validity
ByDeon Meiring, Jurgen Becker, Suzanne Gericke, Nadia Louw

part |38 pages

The criterion domain

chapter |19 pages

Selecting for Innovation

Methods of assessment and the criterion problem
ByKristina Potočnik, Neil Anderson, Felisa Latorre

chapter |17 pages

Typical and Maximum Performance

ByUte-Christine Klehe, Jessica Grazi, Tusharika Mukherjee