Transgression means to 'cross over': borders, disciplines, practices, professions, and legislation. This book explores how the transgression of boundaries produces new forms of architecture, education, built environments, and praxis.

Based on material from the 10th International Conference of the AHRA, this volume presents contributions from academics, practicing architects and artists/activists from around the world to provide perspectives on emerging and transgressive architecture. Divided into four key themes – boundaries, violations, place and art practice - it explores global processes, transformative praxis and emerging trends in architectural production, examining alternative and radical ways of practicing architecture and reimagining the profession.

The wide range of international contributors are drawn from subject areas such as architecture, cultural geography, urban studies, sociology, fine art, film-making, photography, and environmentalism, and feature examples from regions such as the United States, Europe and Asia.

At the forefront of exploring inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research and practice, Transgression will be key reading for students, researchers and professionals with an interest in the changing nature of architectural and spatial disciplines.

chapter Intervention 1|7 pages

Advertisements for architecture

part I|59 pages


chapter Chapter 1|21 pages

The fly and the satellite

Transgressing ‘planetary boundaries' in the Anthropocene

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Space and its assembled subjects

The neurotic, the psychotic, and the pervert

chapter Intervention 2|8 pages


A participatory strategy of transgression towards a resilient city 1

part 2|44 pages


chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Informal architecture/s

chapter Chapter 5|11 pages

Diffuse transgression

Making the city in the margins of the law

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Transgression and temperance

The Newcastle Hoppings

chapter Intervention 3|5 pages

Art/architecture practice

part 3|72 pages


chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

Transgressing origins

Dialogical narratives in contemporary Japanese architecture

chapter Chapter 9|14 pages

Transgressing established contemporary boundaries

In the Footsteps of the Filid: the crime novelist as true chronicler in Ulster

chapter Intervention 4|7 pages

Rogue Game

An architecture of transgression

part 4|45 pages

Art practice

chapter Chapter 12|23 pages


Talking transgression with Beuys and Bataille

chapter Chapter 13|7 pages

Underground Urban Caretaking

Unearthing social knowledge through image and sound