Maintaining education as a pedagogical space for human formation, this book is distinctive in looking at the crisis rather than the success of Chinese education. The editors and contributors, mostly overseas and mainland Chinese scholars, argue that modern Chinese education has been built upon a superficial and instrumental embrace of Western modernity and a fragmented appropriation of Chinese cultural heritage. They call for a rethinking and re-envisioning of Chinese education, grounded in and enriched by various cultural traditions and cross-cultural dialogues. Drawing on Chinese history and culture, Western and Chinese philosophies, curriculum and pedagogical theories, the collected volume analyzes (1) why education as person-making has failed to take root in contemporary China, (2) how the purpose of education has changed during the process of China’s modernization, and (3) what a rediscovery of the meaning of person-making implies for rethinking and re-envisioning Chinese education in the current age of globalization and social change. Re-envisioning Chinese Education: The meaning of person-making in a new age discusses among other issues:

  • China’s Historical Encounter with the West and Modern Chinese Education
  • Rediscover Lasting Values: Confucian Cultural Learning Models in the Twenty-first Century
  • Rethinking and Re-envisioning Chinese Didactics: Implications from the German Didaktik Tradition
  • The New Basic Education and the Development of Human Subjectivity: A Chinese Experience


This book will be relevant for scholars, researchers, and policy makers everywhere who seek a more balanced, more sophisticated, and philosophically better grounded understanding of Chinese education.

part |80 pages

Modernization and Chinese education

chapter |21 pages

Cultivating Chinese citizens

China's search for modernization and national rejuvenation

chapter |17 pages

A vision for one's own life

Lessons from Hu Shi and Liang Shuming on education in China

part |72 pages

Rediscovering China's cultural roots of education

part |50 pages

Re-envisioning Chinese education as person-making

chapter |18 pages

Civilizational dialogue and a new understanding of the human person

Implications for Chinese education as person-making

chapter |18 pages

Rethinking and re-envisioning Chinese didactics

Implications from the German Didaktik tradition