The case study has proved of enduring interest to all Western societies, particularly in relation to questions of subjectivity and the sexed self. This volume interrogates how case studies have been used by doctors, lawyers, psychoanalysts, and writers to communicate their findings both within the specialist circles of their academic disciplines, and beyond, to wider publics. At the same time, it questions how case studies have been taken up by a range of audiences to refute and dispute academic knowledge. As such, this book engages with case studies as sites of interdisciplinary negotiation, transnational exchange and influence, exploring the effects of forces such as war, migration, and internationalization.

Case Studies and the Dissemination of Knowledge challenges the limits of disciplinary-based research in the humanities. The cases examined serve as a means of passage between disciplines, genres, and publics, from law to psychoanalysis, and from auto/biography to modernist fiction. Its chapters scrutinize the case study in order to sharpen understanding of the genre’s dynamic role in the construction and dissemination of knowledge within and across disciplinary, temporal, and national boundaries. In doing so, they position the case at the center of cultural and social understandings of the emergence of modern subjectivities.

chapter |12 pages


Case Studies and the Dissemination of Knowledge
ByJoy Damousi, Birgit Lang, Katie Sutton

part I|70 pages

Case Knowledge

chapter 1|16 pages

The Case of the Archive

ByWarwick Anderson

chapter 2|18 pages

The Case Study as Representative Anecdote

ByJohn Cash

chapter 3|17 pages

Influencing Public Knowledge

Erich Wulffen and the Criminal Case of Grete Beier
ByBirgit Lang

chapter 4|17 pages

A Case for Female Individuality

Käthe Schirmacher—Self-Invention and Biography
ByJohanna Gehmacher

part II|70 pages

Historical Cases

chapter 6|14 pages

The Sad Tale of Sister Barbara Ubryk

A Case Study in Convent Captivity
ByTimothy Verhoeven

chapter 7|15 pages

The Curious Case/s of Dr. Wallace

Sexuality and the Medical File in Postwar Australia
ByLisa Featherstone

part III|66 pages

Literary Circulations

chapter 9|17 pages

Female Sex Murders and Literary Case Writing

Alfred Döblin's Die beiden Freundinnen und ihr Giftmord (1924)
ByAlison Lewis

chapter 10|16 pages

The Lunatics of Love

Armand Dubarry's Psychopathological Novels and their Publics
ByJana Verhoeven

chapter 11|15 pages

Making a Case for Castration

Literary Cases and Psychoanalytic Readings
ByChristiane Weller

chapter 12|16 pages

When the Case Writer Eclipses the Case

Linda Lê's Case Study of Ingeborg Bachmann
ByAlexandra Kurmann