The relationship between sport and exercise psychology and the realm of professional sport and performance has grown exponentially in recent years. Elite athletes increasingly see the value in seeking psychological advice and expertise, while consultants now work in a wider range of elite performance environments.

Psychology in Professional Sports and the Performing Arts: Challenges and Strategies is a unique and timely collection that brings together the experiences and knowledge of a range of applied psychologists working in these exciting industries. The book begins with a section outlining the core skills practitioners require in the field, before chapters discussing individual sports, team sports and the performing arts. Each author looks at how theoretical principles can be applied within a particular professional context, delineating how performers may benefit from working with a psychologist, as well as the ethical and cultural challenges that they faced.

Assessing the role of applied psychologists across a truly unique range of activities, from polo to motor racing and ice hockey to modern dance, Psychology in Professional Sports and the Performing Arts: Challenges and Strategies offers unrivalled insights into how sport and exercise psychology can be put into practice in challenging professional environments. It will appeal to anyone studying sport and exercise psychology, or working in the field.

chapter 1|8 pages

Embarking on sport psychology with professional level athletes

ByDieter Hackfort, Robert J. Schinke

part |2 pages

Section I Core skills

chapter 2|16 pages

Context is everything: working with the transitioning athlete

ByAngus Mugford

chapter 3|11 pages

How to become a consulting business

ByRobert M. Nideffer

chapter 4|13 pages

Overcoming resistance from clients and stakeholders

ByFrank L. Gardner

chapter 5|12 pages

Working with transnational professional athletes

ByZella E. Moore

chapter 6|12 pages

Ethical practice challenges of consultation in professional sport

ByEdward F. Etzel and Jack C. Watson II

part |2 pages

Section II Individual and pair sports

chapter 7|16 pages

Twenty years’ experience working within professional tennis

ByChris Harwood

chapter 8|9 pages

My consulting life on the PGA tour: a 25-year experience

ByRichard Gordin

chapter 11|13 pages

Consultancy with elite professional boxers and their working teams

ByRobert J. Schinke

chapter 12|12 pages

Working within professional mixed martial arts

ByRebecca Symes

chapter 13|17 pages

Mental training program for a sumo wrestler

ByYoichi Kozuma

part |2 pages

Section III Team sports

chapter 14|10 pages

Working within polo: a wonderland experience

ByStiliani “Ani” Chroni

chapter 15|11 pages

Working within the National Hockey League

ByPaul Dennis

chapter 16|13 pages

Working within professional football

ByMark S. Nesti

chapter 17|12 pages

Working within professional rugby union

ByStephen D. Mellalieu

part |2 pages

Section IV Aesthetics and the performing arts

chapter 20|16 pages

From the sport world to the big top: Jean Francois Ménard’s journey with Cirque du Soleil

ByLeslee A. Fisher, Jean Francois Ménard

chapter 21|16 pages

Performance psychology in ballet and modern dance

BySharon A. Chirban, Miriam R. Rowan

chapter 22|13 pages

My journey into sports psychology: strategies, challenges, and case studies

ByLois Butcher-Poffley

chapter 23|7 pages

Synthesis and reflections on professional sport consulting

ByDieter Hackfort, Robert J. Schinke