This book brings together a diverse range of critical interventions in sexuality and gender studies, and seeks to encourage new ways of thinking about the connections and tensions between sexual politics, citizenship and belonging. The book is organized around three interlinked thematic areas, focusing on sexual citizenship, nationalism and international borders (Part 1); sexuality and "race" (Part 2); and sexuality and religion (Part 3). In revisiting notions of sexual citizenship and belonging, contributors engage with topical debates about "sexual nationalism," or the construction of western/European nations as exceptional in terms of attitudes to sexual and gender equality vis-à-vis an uncivilized, racialized "Other."

The collection explores macro-level perspectives by attending to the geopolitical and socio-legal structures within which competing claims to citizenship and belonging are played out; at the same time, micro-level perspectives are utilized to explore the interplay between sexuality and "race," nation, ethnicity and religious identities. Geographically, the collection has a prevalently European focus, yet contributions explore a range of trans-national spatial dimensions that exceed the boundaries of "Europe" and of European nation-states.

chapter |14 pages


ByFrancesca Stella, Yvette Taylor, Tracey Reynolds, Antoine Rogers

part I|77 pages

Sexual Nationalisms and the Boundaries of Sexual Citizenship

chapter 1|20 pages

Sexual Citizenship, Nationalism and Biopolitics in Putin's Russia

ByFrancesca Stella, Nadya Nartova

chapter 2|18 pages

Sexuality, Citizenship and Migration

The Irish Queer Diaspora in London
ByRóisín Ryan-Flood

chapter 3|18 pages

Narrativising One's Sexuality/Gender

Neo-Liberal Humanitarianism and the Right of Asylum
ByCalogero Giametta

chapter 4|20 pages

The New Trans-National Politics of LGBT Human Rights in the Commonwealth

What Can UK NGOs Learn from the Global South?
ByMatthew Waites

part II|69 pages

Racialised Subjects and Feminist/Queer Solidarities

chapter 5|17 pages

Black Mammy and Company

Exploring Constructions of Black Womanhood 1 in Britain
ByTracey Reynolds

chapter 6|19 pages

Activism through Identities

Building Shared Alliances against Homophobia and Racism in Palermo
ByMaria Livia Alga

chapter 7|18 pages

What Does a ‘Genuine Lesbian' Look Like?

Intersections of Sexuality and ‘Race' in Manchester’s Gay Village and in the UK Asylum System
ByNina Held

chapter 8|14 pages

‘Time After Time'1

Gay Conditionality, Colonial Temporality and Āzādī
ByTara Atluri

part III|81 pages

Sexuality, Religion and Belonging

chapter 9|18 pages

Creating Citizens, Constructing Religion, Configuring Gender

Intersectional Sites, Scripts and Sticking Points
ByYvette Taylor, Ria Snowdon

chapter 10|16 pages

Changing Churches

Sexuality, Difference, Power
BySavitri Hensman

chapter 11|19 pages

Counter-Normative Identities

Religious Young Adults Subverting Sexual Norms
BySarah-Jane Page

chapter 12|27 pages

Angels and the Dragon King's Daughter

Gender and Sexuality in Western Buddhist New Religious Movements
BySally R. Munt, Sharon E. Smith