Based on a detailed examination of specific aspects of Nazi propaganda, this book (originally published in 1983) enhances the understanding of National Socialism by revealing both its power and its limitations. The work tackles aspects of Nazi propaganda which had been neglected in the past, but together they demonstrate the disproportionate role assigned to propaganda in one of the most highly politicised societies in contemporary European history.

chapter |9 pages


ByDavid Welch

chapter |19 pages

Hitler's Impact on the Lower Middle Class

ByLothar Kettenacker

chapter |16 pages

Goebbels and the Function of Propaganda

ByRichard Taylor

chapter |23 pages

Educational Film Propaganda and the Nazi Youth

ByDavid Welch

chapter |26 pages

Propaganda, Autarky and the German Housewife

ByJill Stephenson

chapter |19 pages

Nazi Film Propaganda in Occupied France

ByFrançois Garçon

chapter |26 pages

How Effective Was Nazi Propaganda?

ByIan Kershaw