This book explores contemporary transformations of identities in a digitizing society across a range of domains of modern life. As digital technology and ICTs have come to pervade virtually all aspects of modern societies, the routine registration of personal data has increased exponentially, thus allowing a proliferation of new ways of establishing who we are. Rather than representing straightforward progress, however, these new practices generate important moral and socio-political concerns. While access to and control over personal data is at the heart of many contemporary strategic innovations domains as diverse as migration management, law enforcement, crime and health prevention, "e-governance," internal and external security, to new business models and marketing tools, we also see new forms of exclusion, exploitation, and disadvantage emerging.

chapter |18 pages


Digitizing Identities

part I|81 pages

Sharing and Connecting

chapter 2|23 pages

A Social API for That

Market Devices and the Stabilisation of Digital Identities

chapter 3|17 pages

Caring for the Virtual Self on Social Media

Managing Visibility on Facebook

part II|60 pages

Growing Up

chapter 5|22 pages

Risk Identities

Constructing Actionable Problems in Dutch Youth

chapter 6|15 pages

Swimming in the Fishbowl

Young People, Identity, and Surveillance in Networked Spaces

chapter 7|21 pages

Makers of Media Wisdom

Translating and Guarding Media Wisdom in the Netherlands

part III|57 pages


chapter 8|21 pages

Data Mining ‘Problem Youth’

Looking Closer But Not Seeing Better

chapter 9|22 pages

Sorting (Out) Youth

Transformations in Police Practices of Classification and (Social Media) Monitoring of ‘Youth Groups'

chapter 10|12 pages

Identifying the Perpetrator

An Ethnographic Study of CCTV in Police Work in Denmark

part IV|63 pages

On the Move

chapter 11|21 pages

The Digital Evacuee

Mediation, ‘Mobility Justice,' and the Politics of Evacuation

chapter 12|19 pages

The Datafication of Mobility and Migration Management

The Mediating State and Its Consequences

chapter 13|21 pages

Migrants at/as Risk

Identity Verification and Risk-Assessment Technologies in the Netherlands