Managing Sport Mega-Events explores global developments in the management of sport mega-events. Sport mega-events such as the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup have been examined from a number of academic perspectives including history, sociology, politics, urban planning and economics. What is lacking, however, is a book which identifies and evaluates the current issues and complexities faced by those charged with the responsibility of managing these sport mega-events. This book fills the gap.

The book addresses three broad but interconnected themes. First, strategic matters are explored focusing on the rise of sport mega-events, the management of stakeholders and governance issues. Second, how organisers can best ensure the sustainable management of sport mega-events is considered. Third, operational matters and related issues are examined including media management, broadcast management, venue management, risk management, marketing and sponsorship management.

The book draws on leading international sport management scholars, each of whom has expertise in the organisation of sport mega-events. It makes a valuable contribution to the existing literature.

chapter |7 pages

Sport mega-events

Managerial dimensions
ByStephen Frawley

chapter |16 pages

What makes an event a mega-event?

Definitions and sizes
ByMartin Müller

chapter |13 pages

Theorizing the governance of sport mega-events

A Principal–Agent perspective
ByArnout Geeraert

chapter |19 pages

The hosting of sport mega-events

A cost efficient perspective
ByHarry Arne Solberg, Eva Lechner, Jens Alm

chapter |16 pages

Managing the finances of sport mega-events

ByPaul Kitchin, Robert Wilson

chapter |16 pages

Broadcasting sport mega-events

ByHunter Fujak, Stephen Frawley, Ashlee Morgan

chapter |16 pages

Sponsorship and sport mega-events

ByAshlee Morgan, Stephen Frawley, Hunter Fujak, Sarah Cobourn

chapter |18 pages

New media development and strategies for sport mega-events

The Olympic Games and the Football World Cup
ByAdam Karg, Daniel Lock

chapter |11 pages

Event leverage and sport mega-events

ByNico Schulenkorf, Katie Schlenker, Alana Thomson

chapter |15 pages

The social and environmental consequences of hosting sport mega-events

ByAlana Thomson, Katie Schlenker, Nico Schulenkorf, Elizabeth Brooking