This book offers a broad-based, contemporary perspective on Bible translation in terms of academic areas foundational to the endeavor: translation studies, communication theory, linguistics, cultural studies, biblical studies and literary and rhetorical studies. The discussion of each area is geared towards non-specialists, to introduce them to notions, trends and tools that can contribute to their understanding of translation.

The Bible translator is encouraged to appreciate various approaches to translation in view of the wide variety of communicative, organizational and sociocultural situations in which translation occurs. However, literary representation of the Scriptures receives special attention since it has been neglected in earlier, influential works on Bible translation.

In addition to useful introductory and concluding sections, the book consists of six chapters: Scripture Translation in the Era of Translation Studies; Translation and Communication; The Role of Culture in Communication; Advances in Linguistic Theory and their Relavance to Translation; Biblical Studies and Bible Translation; and A Lterary Approach to Biblical Text Analysis and Translation.

The authors are translation consultants for the United Bible Societies. They have worked with translation projects in various media and in languages ranging from ones of a few hundred speakers to international ones, in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

chapter 1|26 pages

Scripture Translation in the Era of Translation Studies

ByAloo Osotsi Mojola, Ernst Wendland

chapter 2|54 pages

Translation and Communication

ByTimothy Wilt

chapter 3|32 pages

The role of Culture in Translation

ByRobert Bascom

chapter 5|26 pages

Biblical studies and Bible translation

ByGraham Ogden

chapter 7|6 pages


ByTimothy Wilt

part |1 pages

B Courses for a 4-year Bible translation program

part |1 pages

D Seminar: Introduction to Bible translation