Pricing and the Sales Force is the first book to link pricing strategy and the sales force together. Pricing strategy is now well established as an important means of driving profits for many organizations. Countless companies are now mastering price-setting. But what about "price-getting" – converting those list prices into the realized sales, and as a result, greater profitability? This is the domain of the sales force.

A selection of the world’s leading specialists explore different aspects of sales force and pricing strategy integration:

  • introduction: overview on the state of the art;
  • building key capabilities: best practices for building sales force capabilities in pricing and value quantification;
  • engaging the sales force: driving organizational change processes with the sales force;
  • designing effective selling processes: designing and implementing processes that enable superior performance, and;
  • aligning sales force incentives and building the infrastructure: insights into how to align sales force incentive schemes; tools and instruments to enable the sales force to perform.

The third in Hinterhuber and Liozu’s successful pricing series, this book is essential reading for pricing strategy and sales scholars and practitioners.

part 1|7 pages


chapter 1|6 pages


part 2|29 pages

Building key capabilities

chapter 2|13 pages

Value Quantification

The next challenge for B2B selling

chapter 3|6 pages

Interview With An Expert

Mr Todd Snelgrove, Chief Value Officer, SKF

part 3|57 pages

Engaging the sales force

chapter 5|8 pages

Change management and pricing

Getting the sales force on board

chapter 6|10 pages

Interview with an expert

Mr Marco Meyrat, Member of the Executive Board of Hilti Corporation

chapter 9|9 pages

Having the value conversation

part |62 pages

Designing effective sales processes

part |56 pages

Aligning sales force incentives and building the infrastructure

chapter 16|25 pages

Delegating pricing authority to the sales force

The need for a turnaround in research and practice

chapter 18|11 pages

The Fast-Changing Intersection of Price and Value

A smarter way to think about customer perceptions