Blacks, Mulattos, and the Dominican Nation is the first English translation of the classic text Los negros, los mulatos y la nación dominicana by esteemed Dominican scholar Franklin J. Franco. Published in 1969, this book was the first systematic work on the role of Afro-descendants in Dominican society, the first society of the modern Americas where a Black-Mulatto population majority developed during the 16th century. Franco’s work, a foundational text for Dominican ethnic studies, constituted a paradigm shift, breaking with the distortions of traditional histories that focused on the colonial elite to place Afro-descendants, slavery, and race relations at the center of Dominican history.

This translation includes a new introduction by Silvio Torres-Saillant (Syracuse University) which contextualizes Franco's work, explaining the milieu in which he was writing, and bringing the historiography of race, slavery, and the Dominican Republic up to the present. Making this pioneering work accessible to an English-speaking audience for the first time, this is a must-have for anyone interested in the lasting effects of African slavery on the Dominican population and Caribbean societies.

chapter |20 pages

A Dominican Classic of Caribbean Thought

Introduction to Franklin Franco's Blacks, Mulattos, and the Dominican Nation
BySilvio Torres-Saillant

chapter |4 pages


ByJuan I. Jimenes Grullón

chapter |34 pages

The Black Population

ByFranklin J. Franco

chapter |7 pages

The Black Population and the National Consciousness

ByFranklin J. Franco

chapter |4 pages

The Constitution of 1801

ByFranklin J. Franco

chapter |9 pages

The Other Face of the Reconquest

ByFranklin J. Franco

chapter |10 pages

“Foolish Spain” and “Rebellious Africa”

ByFranklin J. Franco

chapter |13 pages

Complete Unity and National Unity

ByFranklin J. Franco