The third edition of Learning to Teach Religious Education in the Secondary School draws together insights from current educational theory and the best contemporary classroom teaching and learning, and suggests tasks, activities and further reading designed to enhance the quality of initial school experience for the student teacher. This third edition has all new content and contributors, which take account of recent developments in the subject.

Key themes addressed include:

  • the aims and place of religious education in the curriculum;
  • recent policy developments;
  • developing lesson plans and schemes of work;
  • the role of language and talk in religious education;
  • spirituality and spiritual development;
  • assessment in religious education;
  • religious education at both Key Stage 4 and at A Level;
  • religion education in relation to moral education;
  • the role of computers;
  • inclusion;
  • professional development.

Learning to Teach Religious Education in the Secondary School is designed to provide student teachers with a comprehensive and accessible introduction to teaching religious education in the secondary school.

part I|30 pages

The context of religious education

chapter 1|14 pages

The aims and purpose of religious education

ByGeoff Teece

chapter 2|14 pages

Religious education policy across the United Kingdom

ByDavid Lundie

part II|40 pages

Teaching and learning

chapter 3|23 pages

Lesson planning

ByKaren Walshe

chapter 4|15 pages

Talk and teaching

ByMary Earl

part III|74 pages

Classroom issues

chapter 5|16 pages

The role of language in religious education

ByJeff Astley, L. Philip Barnes

chapter 6|13 pages

Assessment in religious education

ByNigel Fancourt

chapter 7|13 pages

Teaching religious education at Key Stage 4

ByCavan Wood

chapter 8|17 pages

Teaching GCE A-Level religious studies

ByMichael Wilcockson

chapter 9|13 pages

Inclusion and religious education

ByJames Holt

part IV|52 pages

Religious education and the whole school

chapter 10|17 pages

Spirituality and spiritual development

ByEd Pawson

chapter 11|18 pages

Religious education and moral education

ByBrenda Watson

chapter 12|15 pages

Using computers to teach religious education

ByJulian Stern

part V|18 pages

Supporting professional development

chapter 13|16 pages

The new religious education teacher and professional development

ByDavid Hampshire