Although emerging technologies are becoming popularised for teaching, learning and research, the relationship between their use and transformative effects on higher education remain largely unexplored. This edited collection seeks to fill this gap by providing a nuanced view, locating higher education pedagogical practices at an intersection of emerging technologies, authentic learning and activity systems.

Providing numerous case studies as examples, the book draws from a wide range of contexts to illustrate how such a convergence has the potential to track transformative teaching and learning practices in the higher education sector. Chapters provide the reader with a variety of transformative higher education pedagogical practices in southern contexts, theorised within the framework of Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and tool mediation, while using authentic learning as a pedagogical model upon which this theoretical framework is based.

The topics covered in the book have global relevance, with research paying particular attention to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, where the authors are based. The book will be of interest to educators, researchers and practitioners in higher education, as well as those interested in emerging technologies in education more generally.

chapter |6 pages


ByVivienne Bozalek, Dick Ng’ambi, Denise Wood, Jan Herrington, Joanne Hardman, Alan Amory

part |52 pages

Activity Theory

chapter |10 pages

Learning in sites of practice through a CHAT lens

ByJames Garraway, Jolanda Morkel

chapter |14 pages

The Anangu Tertiary Education Program in remote northwest South Australia

A CHAT perspective
ByDenise Denise, Deirdre Deirdre, Bruce Bruce, Makinti Makinti, Katrina Katrina

chapter |13 pages

Mediating learning in a blended postgraduate course

ByDick Ng’ambi, Cheryl Brown

part |43 pages

Authentic learning

chapter |7 pages

Introduction to authentic learning

ByJan Herrington

chapter |12 pages

Learning to conduct research by doing

A case study in a postgraduate health education program
ByBrenda Leibowitz, Walter Liebrich, Ilse Meyer, Chivaugn Gordon, Carina de Kock

chapter |12 pages

Authentic learning in an undergraduate research methodologies course

ByTamara Shefer, Lindsay Clowes

part |54 pages

Emerging technologies

chapter |10 pages

Introduction to emerging technologies

ByDick Ng’ambi, Vivienne Bozalek

chapter |11 pages

Twenty-first-century pedagogies

Portraits of South African higher educators using emerging technologies
ByVivienne Bozalek, Daniela Gachago, Kathy Watters

chapter |18 pages

Emerging technologies in New Zealand

A pedagogical framework for mobile social media
ByThomas Cochrane, Vickel Narayan, James Oldfield

part |86 pages

Case studies

chapter |33 pages

The case studies

CHAT in use
ByJoanne Hardman, Alan Amory, Irina Verenikina, Lotte Latukefu, Najma Agherdien, Rita Kizito, Nomakhaya Mashiyi, Roisin Kelly-Laubscher, Daniela Gachago, Veronica Barnes, Eunice Ivala

chapter |19 pages

The case studies

Authentic learning
ByJan Herrington, Veronica Mitchell, Michael Rowe, Simone Titus

chapter |23 pages

The case studies

Emerging technologies
ByDick Ng’ambi, Vivienne Bozalek, Daniela Gachago, Jolanda Morkel, Eunice Ivala, Anita Campbell, Sibongile Simelane, Dorothea Mathudi Dimpe, Patient Rambe, Aaron Bere

chapter |8 pages


Towards a transformative higher education pedagogy
ByVivienne Bozalek, Dick Ng’ambi, Denise Wood, Jan Herrington, Joanne Hardman, Alan Amory