The second edition of the Handbook of Motivation at School presents an integrated compilation of theory and research in the field. With chapters by leading experts, this book covers the major theoretical perspectives in the field as well as their application to instruction, learning, and social adjustment at school. Section I focuses on theoretical perspectives and major constructs, Section II on contextual and social influences on motivation, and Section III on new directions in the field.

This new edition will have the same popular organizational structure with theories at the beginning. It will also include new chapters that cover motivation as it relates to identity, culture, test anxiety, mindfulness, neuroscience, parenting, metacognition, and regulatory focus.

section Section I|200 pages

Major Theoretical Perspectives and Constructs

chapter 5|21 pages

Achievement Goal Theory

A Story of Early Promises, Eventual Discords, and Future Possibilities

chapter 6|24 pages

Facilitating and Hindering Motivation, Learning, and Well-Being in Schools

Research and Observations from Self-Determination Theory

chapter 7|25 pages

Academic Emotions

section Section II|152 pages

Contextual and Social Influences on Motivation

section Section III|144 pages

New Directions in the Field

chapter 20|16 pages

Math Anxiety

Causes, Consequences, and Remediation