While a decade ago much of the discussion of new media in Asia was couched in Occidental notions of Asia as a "default setting" for technology in the future, today we are seeing a much more complex picture of contesting new media practices and production. As "new media" becomes increasingly an everyday reality for young and old across Asia through smartphones and associated devices, boundaries between art, new media, and the everyday are transformed.

This Handbook addresses the historical, social, cultural, political, philosophical, artistic and economic dimensions of the region’s new media. Through an interdisciplinary revision of both "new media" and "Asia" the contributors provide new insights into the complex and contesting terrains of both notions.

The Routledge Handbook of New Media in Asia will be the definitive publication for readers interested in comprehending all the various aspects of new media in Asia. It provides an authoritative, up-to-date, intellectually broad, conceptually cutting-edge guide to the important aspects of new media in the region — as the first point of consultation for researchers, advanced level undergraduate and postgraduate students in fields of new media and Asian studies.

chapter |13 pages

Intimate entanglements: new media in Asia

ByLarissa Hjorth, Olivia Khoo

part |76 pages

New media in Asia

chapter |11 pages

Migrant youth and new media in Asia

ByLina Tao, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

chapter |14 pages

Neo-regionalism and neoliberal Asia

ByLeo T.S. Ching

chapter |13 pages

Mobilizing discontent: social media and networked activism since the Great East Japan Earthquake

ByLove Kindstrand, Keiko Nishimura, David H. Slater

part |73 pages

Intimate publics, screen and haptic cultures

part |57 pages

Mapping mobile, diasporic and queer Asia

chapter |10 pages

At the crossroads of change: new media and migration in Asia

BySun Sun Lim, Becky Pham, Kakit Cheong

chapter |12 pages

Digital kinships: intergenerational locative media in Tokyo, Shanghai and Melbourne

ByLarissa Hjorth, Heather Horst, Sarah Pink, Baohua Zhou, Fumitoshi Kato, Genevieve Bell, Kana Ohashi, Chris Marmo, Miao Xiao

part |78 pages

Creative industries: new producers, performativity and production paradigms

part |83 pages

Mobile, play and game ecologies in Asia