Contemporary sport psychology is a rapidly developing and theoretically rich discipline, and a sophisticated and challenging profession. The Routledge International Handbook of Sport Psychology offers a comprehensive and authoritative guide to contemporary sport psychology in all its aspects. Written by a team of world-leading researchers and practitioners from five continents, including both established scholars and the best emerging talents, the book traces the contours of the discipline of sport psychology, introducing fundamental theory, discussing key issues in applied practice, and exploring the most important themes, topics and debates across the sport psychology curriculum.

Uniquely, the book presents comparative studies of the history and contemporary practice of sport psychology in ten countries, including the US, UK, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Israel, helping the reader to understand the cultural and contextual factors that shape international practice in sport psychology. As well as covering in depth the core pillars of sport psychology, from motivation and cognition to group dynamics, the book also includes a full section on cultural sport psychology, a vital but under-explored sub-discipline that is having a profound influence on contemporary theory and practice.

With 56 chapters and unparalleled range, depth and currency, the Routledge Handbook of International Sport Psychology is an essential addition to any library with a serious holding in sport psychology.

part |6 pages

Opening the discussion

part |101 pages

International histories and contemporary perspective

chapter |11 pages


ByTatiana V. Ryba, Natalia B. Stambulova

chapter |16 pages

The United States

ByCraig Wrisberg, Lars Dzikus

chapter |11 pages


ByGangyan Si, Hin-Yue Li, Baoming Chen

chapter |9 pages


ByShiro Nakagomi, Yuji Yamamoto

chapter |9 pages


ByFranco Noce, Lenamar Fiorese Vieira, Varley Teoldo da Costa

chapter |16 pages


ByNatalie Durand-Bush, Kylie McNeill

chapter |10 pages


ByRonnie Lidor

chapter |9 pages


ByJaume Cruz Feliu, Alexandre Garcia-Mas

chapter |8 pages

The United Kingdom

ByMelissa Day

part |107 pages

Athlete adjustment and transitions

chapter |8 pages

Career transitions

ByWylleman Paul, Nathalie Rosier, Paul De Knop

chapter |9 pages

Adaptation, stress and coping in sport

ByAdam R. Nicholls

chapter |10 pages

Athlete development

ByJean Côté, Karl Erickson

chapter |9 pages

Developing moral character through sport

Delivering on the promise
ByNicole D. Bolter, Maureen R. Weiss

chapter |10 pages

The emergence of acculturation in the sport psychology landscape

ByRobert J. Schinke, Sunghee Park

chapter |10 pages

Athlete burnout

ByKen Hodge, Göran Kenttä

chapter |9 pages

Sport injury

ByLeslie Podlog

chapter |8 pages

Understanding athlete disordered eating

Critical gender comparisons
ByAnthony Papathomas

chapter |11 pages

Athlete maltreatment

ByAshley Stirling, Gretchen Kerr

chapter |9 pages


ByNoora J. Ronkainen, Mark S. Nesti

chapter |12 pages

Sport-related concussion

ByAnthony P. Kontos, R. J. Elbin

part |95 pages

Cultural sport psychology

chapter |9 pages


Our most beautiful and creative project
ByKitrina Douglas, David Carless

chapter |10 pages

Whiteness in sport psychology

ByTed M. Butryn

chapter |10 pages

Inclusion to exclusion

Sport for LGBT athletes
ByVikki Krane

chapter |12 pages

Now you see me, now you don't

Appreciating culture, race, ethnicity and other dimensions of athlete and consultant whole-person identities
ByWilliam D. Parham

chapter |12 pages

Feminism in sport psychology

ByLeslee A. Fisher, Leslie K. Larsen

chapter |14 pages

Cultural studies in sport and exercise psychology

ByEmily A. Roper

chapter |10 pages

Athletes and motherhood

ByKerry R. McGannon, Rebecca Busanich

chapter |8 pages

Disability sport

A partial overview and some thoughts about the future
ByBrett Smith, Marie-Josée Perrier, Jeffrey J. Martin

chapter |8 pages

Hazing in sport

ByJennifer J. Waldron

part |86 pages

Motivation and emotion

chapter |9 pages


ByNikos Ntoumanis, Jennifer Cumming

chapter |11 pages

Online mood profiling and self-regulation of affective responses

ByAndrew M. Lane, Peter C. Terry

chapter |11 pages

Mood measurement and regulation in applied settings

ByJolly Roy, Garry Kuan

chapter |11 pages

Goal orientation

ByDorothee Alfermann

chapter |12 pages


ByKrista Munroe-Chandler, Craig Hall

chapter |9 pages

What is flow?

Reconsideration of the state of optimal functioning beyond flow theory
ByMasato Kawabata, Mallett Clifford J

chapter |9 pages

Team resilience

ByNick Galli

chapter |12 pages

Parental support in youth sport

A case of optimizing the motivational climate
ByChris Harwood

part |61 pages


chapter |11 pages

Personality and performance

Beyond the Big 5
ByRoss Roberts, Tim Woodman

chapter |9 pages

Mental representation and learning

ByThomas Schack, William Land

chapter |8 pages

Expertise and mental practice

ByAidan Moran

chapter |10 pages

Biofeedback in sport

ByBoris Blumenstein, Ernest Tsung-Min Hung

chapter |10 pages

Mental toughness

Critical reflections and future considerations
ByDaniel F. Gucciardi, Sheldon Hanton

chapter |11 pages

Self-talk in sport

Where are we now?
ByJames Hardy, Nikos Zourbanos

part |55 pages

Group dynamics

chapter |8 pages

Team coordination

ByDavid W. Eccles

chapter |14 pages

Relational coaching in sport

Its psychological underpinnings and practical effectiveness
BySophia Jowett, Vaithehy Shanmugam

chapter |9 pages

Coach and athlete leadership in sport

ByTodd M. Loughead, Gordon A. Bloom

chapter |11 pages

Motivation gains in sport and exercise groups

ByBrandon C. Irwin, Deborah L. Feltz

chapter |11 pages

Social support in sport psychology

ByTim Rees

part |72 pages

Forecasts to the tuture

chapter |17 pages

Athletes' transitions in sport and life

Positioning new research trends within the existing system of athlete career knowledge
ByNatalia Stambulova

chapter |12 pages

Team resiliency in sport

Research to practice
ByDavid Yukelson, Robert Weinberg

chapter |13 pages

Overt–covert behaviors' linkage

Forecasting the future of sport psychology science
ByGershon Tenenbaum, Edson Filho

chapter |9 pages

Forecasts to the future

Group dynamics
ByMark A. Eys, Kevin S. Spink

chapter |8 pages

Interdisciplinary connoisseurship in sport psychology research

ByAndrew C. Sparkes, Brett Smith

part |7 pages


chapter |5 pages

Closing the loop

ByKerry R. McGannon, Brett Smith, Robert J. Schinke