Wellness Issues for Higher Education is an essential resource that addresses a range of student wellness issues confronting professionals in college and university settings. Organized around five dimensions of Wellness—Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual—this book comprehensively covers key topics that contribute to students’ success in college. Each topical chapter includes proactive wellness advice, and is designed to prepare the reader to better understand the facts, issues, and strategies appropriate for addressing the issue.

Each Chapter Features:

  • Background information, theory, and research
  • Historical and emerging issues
  • Common questions, controversies, challenging situations, and misconceptions
  • Practical applications for the campus

This practical guide prepares practitioners to understand and deal with the wellness and health promotion issues contributing to their students’ overall success and well-being. Armed with this valuable resource, higher education and student affairs professionals can work to improve academic performance, retention, satisfaction, and quality of life. This thorough resource will guide those working at any level in residence life, student activities, orientation, health education, student leadership, advising, instruction, and other areas of student development.

chapter |15 pages


A Mandate for Higher Education
ByDavid S. Anderson

section |53 pages

Emotional Wellness

chapter |20 pages

Stress Management

#Too Blessed to Be Stressed
ByConstance S. Boehm, Lance C. Kennedy-Phillips

chapter |16 pages

Mental Health

Creating and Cultivating a Campus Community That Supports Mental Health
ByDori S. Hutchinson

chapter |15 pages


The Challenging Role Technology Plays in the Lives of College Students
ByKevin Kruger

section |72 pages

Social Wellness

chapter |20 pages

Relationship Health

Helping Students Thrive as They Relate to Others
ByBridget Guernsey Riordan

chapter |15 pages

Sexual Decision-Making

Everyone's Doing It, Right?
ByJoleen M. Nevers, Heather Eastman-Mueller

chapter |14 pages


Reaching Students Through Education and Intervention
ByShannon K. Bailie, Jason R. Kilmer, M. Dolores Cimini

chapter |21 pages

Prescription and Illicit Drug Abuse

Changing the Narrative
ByDavid S. Anderson, Tom Hall

section |22 pages

Intellectual Wellness

chapter |20 pages

Study and Writing Skills

Fostering Students' Academic Development and Engagement
ByDaniella Olibrice

section |56 pages

Physical Wellness

chapter |18 pages


Enhancing Bedtime Performance
ByMichael McNeil

chapter |17 pages


Eating to Survive or Thrive
ByAnnann Hong

chapter |19 pages


Hey, Millennial, It's Time to Get Physical!
ByLinda A. Knight, Jennifer R. Fisher, Parth K. Patel

section |17 pages

Spiritual Wellness

chapter |15 pages

Spiritual Development

Setting a Place at the Table for Spirituality
ByMaria F. DiLorenzo