The explosion of research on emotional intelligence (EI) in the past decade has provided increasing evidence that EI can be measured reliably and can be useful in predicting important outcomes, such as managerial effectiveness and relationship quality.

Naturally, people are now asking, "So, how does one improve EI?". Applying Emotional Intelligence collects the most important programs focused on that idea, and enquires of their originators, "What do you do?", "Why do you do it?", and, "What is the evidence for your approach?".

The emphasis of the book is applied, in that it provides and contrasts concrete examples of what we do in our interventions in a wide variety of situations. The chapters present descriptions of programs, including specific activities and exercises that influence emotional knowledge and social effectiveness more generally. While practical in its focus, this book also discusses the theoretical bases for these approaches.

These are new programs with outcomes that are now beginning to be studied. The book presents the most important and recent research findings that examine the efficacy of these programs. Applying Emotional Intelligence is a "must-read" for anyone interested in EI and its application. This book will be of interest to researchers conducting EI intervention research, as well as a wide variety of practitioners, including those interested in developing EI in organizations, health areas, clinical populations, and school-age settings. Finally, the book is designed to be relevant to the reader's own life, encouraging the reader to consider how the programs and the exercises might impact his or her personality and outlook, as well as contribute to the development of those who have themselves participated in the programs.

chapter |27 pages

Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom: Skill-Based Training for Teachers and Students

ByMarc A. Brackett, Nicole A. Katulak

chapter |25 pages

Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies

ByRichard E. Boyatzis

chapter |36 pages

Improving Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Training

ByJoseph Ciarrochi, John Blackledge, Linda Bilich, Virginia Bayliss

chapter |19 pages

Personality Function and Personality Change

ByJohn D. Mayer

chapter |13 pages

The Key Ingredients of Emotional Intelligence Interventions: Similarities and Differences

ByJoseph Ciarrochi, John D. Mayer