Learn why it’s time for a new era in mental health and prevention science

HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness is a comprehensive examination of the co-morbidity that exists between HIV/AIDS and mental illness. Internationally recognized experts in the field analyze the latest research on why HIV sufferers are at risk of developing mental illness and how people who suffer from mental illness risk contracting HIV through sexual behavior and substance abuse. This unique book focuses on clinical and diagnostic issues, the organization of service delivery systems, and community-based interventions.

HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness presents vital contributions from physicians, sociologists, nurses, social workers, and psychologists working to develop a plan to reduce the number of persons affected by the epidemic, and to improve the quality of life of those already HIV infected. Aimed at promoting a new era in mental health and prevention science, the book examines vital issues including: the interplay between depression, HIV, and chronic fatigue; condom use among adolescents with psychiatric disorders; predicting HIV risk and how targeted intervention can address multiple health risks; how an increase in emotional stress can affect African-American women concerned about becoming HIV infected; STI risk reduction strategies; how client gender can affect mental health care service delivery; and the implementation of intervention programs as part of supported housing programs.

HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness examines:

  • bridging the gap between research and practice
  • depression and HIV
  • schizophrenia and HIV
  • mental health policy and infectious diseases
  • HIV prevention
  • community-based participatory research
  • community psychology
  • mental health disparities
  • translation research
  • transforming public health systems
HIV: Issues with Mental Health and Illness is an invaluable resource for public health workers and policymakers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social work nurses, infectious disease physicians, and addictions disease counselors.

chapter |4 pages

HIV and Mental Illness: Opportunities for Prevention

ByMichael B. Blank, Marlene M. Eisenberg

chapter |14 pages

Triple Jeopardy for HIV: Substance Using Severely Mentally Ill Adults

ByJessy G. Dévieux, Robert Malow, Brenda G. Lerner, Janyce G. Dyer, Ligia Baptista, Barbara Lucenko, Seth C. Kalichman

chapter |16 pages

Symptom Cluster of Fatigue and Depression in HIV/AIDS

ByJoachim G. Voss, Carmen J. Portillo, William L. Holzemer, Marylin J. Dodd

chapter |16 pages

Emotional Distress in African American Women with HIV

ByMargaret Shandor Miles, Diane Holditch-Davis, Cort Pedersen, Joseph J. Eron, Todd Schwartz

chapter |12 pages

Unsafe Sex: Do Feelings Matter?

ByCelia M. Lescano, Larry K. Brown, Paul M. Miller, Kristie L. Puster

chapter |15 pages

HIV Prevention Services for Adults with Serious Mental Illness in Public Mental Health Care Programs

ByEric R. Wright, Dustin E. Wright, Anthony H. Lawson

chapter |14 pages

HIV Service Provision for People With Severe Mental Illness in Outpatient Mental Health Care Settings in New York

ByJames Satriano, Karen McKinnon, Spencer Adoff

chapter |12 pages

Schizophrenia, AIDS and the Decision to Prescribe HAART: Results of a National Survey of HIV Clinicians

BySeth Himelhoch, Neil R. Powe, William Breakey, Kelly A. Gebo

chapter |15 pages

Community-Level HIV Prevention for Persons with Severe Mental Illness Living in Supportive Housing Programs: A Pilot Intervention Study

ByKathleen J. Sikkema, Christina S. Meade, Jhan D. Doughty-Berry, Susan O. Zimmerman, Bret Kloos, David L. Snow

chapter |15 pages

Rapid Assessment of Existing HIV Prevention Programming in a Community Mental Health Center

ByPhyllis L. Solomon, Julie A. Tennille, David Lipsitt, Ellen Plumb, David Metzger, Michael B. Blank