The original essays in this collection ground the shifting terrain of feminism in the 21st century. The contributors define and examine the complexity of the Third Wave by answering questions like: how appropriate is a "third wave" label for contemporary feminism; are the agendas of contemporary feminism and the "second wave" really all that different; does the wave metaphor accurately describe the difference between contemporary feminists and their predecessors; how do women of color fit into this notion of contemporary feminism; and what are the future directions of the feminist movement?

part |77 pages

Who is Third Wave? Issues of Diversity

part |58 pages

Mothers and Daughters? Relations between the Second and Third Waves

part |75 pages

What Brings Change? Tactics of the Third Wave

chapter |16 pages

Zines: Voices of Third Wave Feminists

ByDawn Bates, Maureen C. McHugh

part |44 pages

Into The Future: Implications of a Third Wave