This collection of essays explores the significance of gender in contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice. Areas covered include Freud's formulations on women in the light of object relations theory and the impact of a mother's core gender conflicts on her daughters' personality development.

chapter |2 pages


ByMorton Kissen

chapter |20 pages

Freud and Gender: The Script as Artifact

ByMargaret Foerster

chapter |15 pages

The Struggle for Gender Differentiation in Boys: Two Case Reports

ByElaine V. Siegel

chapter |11 pages

Gender and Superego Development

ByMorton Kissen

chapter |12 pages

Idealization, Gender and the Psychoanalyst

ByDale H. Ortmeyer

chapter |11 pages

The Influence of Gender in the Analysis of the Homosexual

BySuzanne B. Phillips

chapter |7 pages

Gender-Related Barriers to Intimacy

ByJudith T. Davis