'Essential for any serious technical library' Professor Martin Green, University of New South Wales, Australia The Advances in Solar Energy series offers state-of-the-art information on all primary renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind and biomass, bringing together invited contributions from the foremost international experts in renewable energy. Volume 16 is the first volume to be published by Earthscan. Topics covered include: * Anthropogenic global warming: evidence, predictions and consequences * Comparing projections of PV generation ad European and U.S. domestic oil production * Recent advances in solar PV technology * III-V compound multi-junction and concentrator solar cells * Progress of highly reliable crystalline Si solar devices and materials * Recent advances in parabolic trough solar power plant technology * Solar pond technologies: a review and future directions * Passive cooling of buildings * Renewable solar energy for traveling: air, land and water * Modeling solar hydrogen fuel cell systems * Renewable energy for the Russian economy * An innovative, high temperature and concentration solar optical system at the turn of the 19th Century: the Pyreheliophoro Spanning a broad range of technical subjects, this volume and series is a 'must-have' reference on global developments in the field of renewable energy, suitable for solar energy experts (including engineers and architects), utilities and industry professionals, students, teachers and researchers in renewable energy, technical libraries and laboratories.

chapter 1|34 pages

Anthropogenic Global Warming: Evidence, Predictions and Consequences

ByAndrey Ganopolski

chapter 2|36 pages

Beyond Oil: A Comparison of Projections of PV Generation and European and U.S. Domestic Oil Production 1

ByJohn M. Byrne, Lado Kurdgelashvili, Allen Barnett, Kristen Hughes, Aaron Thurlow

chapter 4|32 pages

III-V Compound Multi-junction and Concentrator Solar Cells

ByMasafumi Yamaguchi, Tatsuya Takamotob, Kenji Arakia

chapter 6|78 pages

Recent Advances in Parabolic Trough Solar Power Plant Technology

ByDavid Kearney, Henry Price

chapter 7|62 pages

Solar Pond Technologies: A Review and Future Directions

ByAliakbar Akbarzadeh, John Andrews, Peter Golding

chapter 8|50 pages

Passive Cooling of Buildings

ByMatheos Santamouris

chapter 9|26 pages

Renewable Solar Energy for Traveling: Air, Land, and Water

ByPaul B. MacCready

chapter 10|52 pages

Modeling Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems 1

ByPeter H. Aurora, John J. Duffy

chapter 11|26 pages

Renewable Energy For The Russian Economy

ByPavel P. Bezrukih, Dmitry S. Strebkov, Igor I. Tyukhov

part |1 pages


chapter |3 pages

Erratum 1

Renewable Energy Technology Mix for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Stabilisation by 2050
ByDavid R. Mills, Christopher J. Dey

chapter |2 pages

Erratum 2

Development Strategies for Solar Thermal Electricity Generation
ByDavid R. Mills, Christopher J. Dey