Migration is now regarded as a security issue, both in public debate and government policies. In turn, the phenomenon of detention as a governance practice has emerged, and the developing presence of camps in Europe for migrants has given rise to a tangle of new and complex issues.

This book examines the phenomenon of irregular immigration, and provides a comprehensive picture of the practices and the implications of detention of migrants within and the European Union. It analyses ‘detention’ as a tool of governance and in doing so explores several key themes:

  • the security threat for Europe
  • the security governance processes enacted to handle irregular immigration
  • the forms of detention in different geographical contexts
  • the effectiveness of the EU’s approach to the issue.

The EU, Migration and the Politics of Administrative Detention will be of interest to students and scholars of the EU’s external relations, migration, human rights, European politics and security studies.

chapter |19 pages


ByNicola Labanca, Michela Ceccorulli

part |57 pages

The EU and irregular immigration

chapter |19 pages

The EU's readmission policy in the neighbourhood

A comparative view on the Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe
ByFlorian Trauner

chapter |19 pages

Images of the immigrant

European public opinion and immigration
ByPierangelo Isernia, Francesco Olmastroni

part |87 pages

Detention centres in EU member states

chapter |28 pages

The geography and history of camps

ByNicola Labanca, Michela Ceccorulli

chapter |19 pages

Confinement practices of undocumented migrants at the borders of Europe

The case of Greece
ByRegina Mantanika

chapter |17 pages

Camps in Poland and Romania

Accession to the EU, a step towards detention of foreigners
ByEva Ottavy

part |72 pages

Camps on the border of Europe

chapter |18 pages

Immigration detention in Turkey


chapter |22 pages

The Mediterranean as a buffer

Confining irregular migrants in North Africa
ByMichela Ceccorulli

chapter |20 pages

Detention centres in Ukraine

A system for punishing and disciplining migrants and refugees
ByFranck Düvell

chapter |10 pages

The morality of detention

A philosophical outlook
ByErmanno Vitale