This new book looks at an important issue--the emotional impact of success upon women--at a time when opportunities are more available to them than ever before. Using research, clinical experience, and personal anecdotes, the contributors examine the timely issues of women and worry, women's sense of their own entitlement, fear of success and fear of failure, and women's impostor feelings. The dilemma that feminist therapists frequently experience of encouraging women clients, often superbly qualified in their fields, to take a risk that might involve rejection or failure, is highlighted here. Therapists will recognize the often expressed fears of academic and intellectual failure, as well as the fears of various interpersonal failures that result from a combination of women's opportunities in society as well as socialization.

chapter |2 pages


ByEsther D. Rothblum

chapter |17 pages

Women and Entitlement

ByBrenda Major

chapter |19 pages

Fear of Failure in Women

ByLenora M. Yuen, Devora S. Depper

chapter |14 pages

The Imposter Phenomenon: An Internal Barrier to Empowerment and Achievement

ByPauline Rose Clance, Maureen Ann O'Toole

chapter |11 pages

Career Aspiration in Black College Women: An Examination of Performance and Social Self-Esteem

ByCheryl R. Bailey, Martha T. Mednick

chapter |19 pages

The Phenomenon of Worry: Theory, Research, Treatment and Its Implications for Women

ByJanet M. Stavosky, Thomas D. Borkovec

chapter |9 pages

Achievement Related Fears: Gender Roles and Individual Dynamics

ByJulia A. Sherman