A fresh and challenging re-evaluation of the interrelationship between sexual and gender behavior and aggression. Drawing on a series of previously unpublished controlled research studies on rapists, pedophiles, incest offenders, voyeurs, transsexuals, and homosexuals (among others), the book offers startling new findings- e.g., crossdressing and feminine gender identity in rapists believed to be ultra-masculine, aggressiveness in pedophiles believed to be shy and passive. This book brings a new perspective to understanding sexual anomalies and to the conceptual foundations on which clinical research and treatment of these behaviors rests.

chapter |14 pages


part IA|1 pages

Sexual Aggression

part IB|1 pages

Related Factors in Sexual Aggression: Alcohol and the Brain

part II|1 pages

Pedophilia and Incest

part III|1 pages

Homosexuality, Transvestism, and Transsexualism