The book introduces a unique and innovative perspective for the study of international business networking. In contrast to the standard construction of models for optimal strategic decision-making, the essays in this book emphasise interpretation, learning by doing, trust and co-operation in the international business community. The editors focus upon business relationships within and between firms as well as the importance of middle management in the international arena.

chapter 1|16 pages

Managing Internationalization in Business Networks

ByMats Forsgren, Jan Johanson

part I|58 pages

Understanding the Nature of International Business Relationships

chapter 2|13 pages

Managing in International Multi-centre Firms

ByMats Forsgren, Jan Johanson

chapter 3|15 pages

International Co-operative Relationships in Technological Development

ByHåkan Håkansson, Barbara Henders

chapter 5|14 pages

Managing International Licensing Relationships1

ByCarl G. Thunman

part II|76 pages

Understanding the Nature of Networks in International Business

chapter 6|16 pages

Infrastructural Networks in International Business

ByLars Hallén

chapter 7|17 pages

Managing by International Travelling

ByBjörn Axelsson, Jan Johanson, Johan Sundberg

chapter 8|16 pages

Developing Countertrade Networks

ByHedvig Brorsson

chapter 10|13 pages

Managing International Package Deal Projects

ByAngad Hadjikhani

part III|82 pages

Understanding Network Change Processes in International Business

chapter 11|14 pages

Managing Ownership Internationalization

ByHenrik Didner

chapter 12|11 pages

Barriers in International Banking Networks

ByLars Engwall

chapter 13|16 pages

Power Balancing in an International Business Network

ByMats Forsgren, Ulf Olsson

chapter 15|18 pages

Taking a Position in a Structured Business Network

ByNazeem Seyed-Mohamed, Maria Bolte