This new volume is the first to bring together social and organizational psychologists to explore social identity theory in organizational contexts. The chapters are wide ranging - they deal with basic social identity theory, organizational diversity, leadership, employee turnover, mergers and acquisitions, organizational identification, cooperation and trust in organizations, commitment and work, and socialization and influence within organizations. This book is an integrative platform for a closer relationship between social psychologists and organizational psychologists who study social identity processes in organizations.

chapter 3|18 pages

Which Hat to Wear?

The Relative Salience of Multiple Identities in Organizational Contexts

chapter 10|17 pages

Cooperation in Organizations:

A Social Identity Perspective

chapter 11|13 pages

Identity and Trust in Organizations:

One Anatomy of a Productive but Problematic Relationship

chapter 12|16 pages

How Status and Power Differences Erode Personal and Social Identities at Work:

A System Justification Critique of Organizational Applications of Social Identity Theory