First published in 1985. This volume is based on a symposium, also titled Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning, that was held at the 1981 meeting of the Animal Behavior Society in Knoxville, Tennessee.

chapter |24 pages

Introduction: Conceptual Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning

ByTimothy D. Johnston

part I|71 pages

Historical Background and Methodological Issues

chapter 1|31 pages

Historical Notes on the Biology of Learning

ByJack P. Hailman

chapter 3|23 pages

Methodological Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning

ByDavid B. Miller

part II|176 pages

The Ecology of Learning: Empirical Research

chapter 4|19 pages

Learning to Forage: An Ecological Perspective

ByAlexandra T. Psetrewicz, Jerry B. Richards

chapter 5|23 pages

Taste-Aversion Learning in Ecological Perspective

ByJames W. Kalat

chapter 6|24 pages

Social Learning in Wild Norway Rats

ByBennett G. Galef

chapter 7|34 pages

Restraints on Ground Squirrel Antipredator Behavior: Adjustments over Multiple Time Scales

ByRichard G. Coss, Donald H. Owings

chapter 8|43 pages

An Ecological Approach to Development of Spatial Orientation

ByNancy Hazen, Herbert L. Pick

chapter 9|28 pages

Learning by Performing: An Ecological Theme for the Study of Vocal Learning

ByMeredith J. West, Andrew P. King

part III|111 pages

The Ecology of Learning: Theoretical Problems

chapter 10|30 pages

How to Draw Learning Curves: Their Use and Justification

ByRobert E. Shaw, Thomas R. Alley

chapter 11|21 pages

Learning and the Description of the Environment

ByWolfgang M. Schleidt

chapter 12|29 pages

The Environmental Dimensions that Influence Behavior

ByLincoln Gray

chapter 13|27 pages

An Ecological Approach to the Evolution of Behavior

ByEdward S. Reed

part IV|48 pages

Alternatives to the Ecological Approach

chapter 14|13 pages

The Slaying of Goliath: What Happened to Reinforcement Theory

ByRobert C. Bolles

chapter 15|32 pages

The General Process Approach to Animal Learning

BySam Revusky