First published in 1984. In the last two decades, countries throughout the Western world have witnessed dramatic changes in social attitudes concerning sex roles. The aim of this book is to review the evidence concerning: a) the factors that limit or constrain male involvement in child care; b) the ways in which some of these factors are being or might be changed; and c) the effects of traditional and increased paternal involvement on men, women, and children.

chapter |13 pages

The Swedish Parental Insurance Policy: An Experiment in Social Engineering

ByMichael E. Lamb, James A. Levine

chapter |11 pages

The Fatherhood Project

ByJames A. Levine, Joseph H. Pleck, Michael E. Lamb

chapter |27 pages

Increased Paternal Participation: The Fathers' Perspective

ByGraeme Russell, Norma Radin

chapter |24 pages

Increased Fathering: Effects on the Mother

ByLois Wladis Hoffman

chapter |28 pages

Increased Father Participation and Child Development Outcomes

ByNorma Radin, Graeme Russell

chapter |12 pages

Cross-Cultural Uses of Research on Fathering

ByRivka Eisikovits, Martin Wolins

chapter |12 pages

Summary and Recommendations for Public Policy

ByMichael E. Lamb, Graeme Russell, Abraham Sagi