Posttraumatic growth is an area in which investigations are now being undertaken in many different parts of the world. The view that individuals can be changed--sometimes in radically good ways--by their struggle with trauma is ancient and widespread. However, the systematic focus by scholars and clinicians on the possibilities for growth from the struggle with crisis is relatively recent. There are now a growing number of studies and scholarly papers on the antecedents, correlates, and consequences of posttraumatic growth, and there are also theoretical models that can help guide the research further. It is clear, however, that this phenomenon is not yet well understood.

The Handbook of Posttraumatic Growth: Research and Practice provides both clinicians and researchers with a comprehensive and up-to-date view of what has been done so far. In addition, it uses the foundations of what has been done to provide suggestions for the next useful steps to take in understanding posttraumatic growth. The book offers contributions of important and influential scholars representing a wide array of perspectives of posttraumatic growth. This volume serves as an impetus for additional work, both in the academic aspects and in the possibilities for clinical applications of posttraumatic growth.

This Handbook will appeal to students, practitioners, and researchers working in a broad array of disciplines and human services.

part Part I|118 pages

Posttraumatic Growth: Theory and Method

chapter Chapter 1|21 pages

The Foundations of Posttraumatic Growth: An Expanded Framework

ByLawrence G. Calhoun, Richard G. Tedeschi

chapter Chapter 2|23 pages

Resilience and Posttraumatic Growth: Recovery, Resistance, and Reconfiguration

ByStephen J. Lepore, Tracey A. Revenson

chapter Chapter 3|21 pages

Measurement Issues in Assessing Growth Following Stressful Life Experiences

ByCrystal L. Park, Suzanne C. Lechner

chapter Chapter 4|13 pages

Re-Storying Loss: Fostering Growth in the Posttraumatic Narrative

ByRobert A. Neimeyer

chapter Chapter 5|19 pages

Schema-Change Perspectives on Posttraumatic Growth

ByRonnie Janoff-Bulman

chapter Chapter 6|19 pages

Posttraumatic Growth and Other Outcomes of Major Loss in the Context of Complex Family Lives

ByJohn H. Harvey, Katherine Barnett, Stephanie Rupe

part Part II|170 pages

Posttraumatic Growth in Specific Contexts

chapter Chapter 7|17 pages

Spirituality: A Pathway to Posttraumatic Growth or Decline?

ByKenneth I. Pargament, Kavita M. Desai, Kelly M. McConnell

chapter Chapter 8|38 pages

Posttraumatic Growth After Cancer

ByAnnette L. Stanton, Julienne E. Bower, Carissa A. Low

chapter Chapter 9|21 pages

Bereavement and Posttraumatic Growth

ByHansjörg Znoj

chapter Chapter 10|17 pages

Posttraumatic Growth After War

ByRita Rosner, Steve Powell

chapter Chapter 11|11 pages

Positive Changes Attributed to the Challenge of HIV/AIDS

ByJoel Milam

chapter Chapter 12|23 pages

Posttraumatic Growth in Disaster and Emergency Work

ByDouglas Paton

chapter Chapter 13|16 pages

Growing Out of Ashes: Posttraumatic Growth Among Holocaust Child Survivors—Is It Possible?

ByRachel Lev-Wiesel, Marianne Amir

chapter Chapter 14|25 pages

Resilience and Posttraumatic Growth in Children

ByRyan P. Kilmer

part Part III|80 pages

Clinical Applications of Posttraumatic Growth

chapter Chapter 15|20 pages

Expert Companions: Posttraumatic Growth in Clinical Practice

ByRichard G. Tedeschi, Lawrence G. Calhoun

chapter Chapter 16|23 pages

The Link Between Posttraumatic Growth and Forgiveness: An Intuitive Truth

ByPamela C. Fischer

chapter Chapter 17|21 pages

Posttraumatic Growth and Psychotherapy

ByTanja Zoellner, Andreas Maercker

chapter Chapter 18|14 pages

Resilience and Posttraumatic Growth: A Constructive Narrative Perspective

ByDonald Meichenbaum