Extending the tradition of this series, which has become a standard reference work in language acquisition, this volume contains chapters on seven more languages, including a section on ergative languages. Languages in this volume include: Georgian; Greenlandic; K'iche Mayan; Warlpiri; Mandarin; Scandinavian and Sesotho.

chapter |13 pages


ByDan I. Slobin

part |357 pages

Ergative Languages

chapter 2|71 pages

The Acquisition of Georgian

ByNatela Imedadze, Kevin Tuite

chapter 3|109 pages

The Acquisition of West Greenlandic

ByMichael Fortescue, Lise Lennert Olsen

chapter 4|88 pages

The Acquisition of K'iche' Maya

ByClifton Pye

chapter 5|63 pages

The Acquisition of Warlpiri

ByEdith L. Bavin

part |266 pages

Non-Ergative Languages

chapter 6|83 pages

The Acquisition of Mandarin

ByMary S. Erbaugh

chapter 7|100 pages

The Acquisition of Scandinavian Languages

ByKim Plunkett, Sven Strömqvist

chapter 8|82 pages

The Acquisition of Sesotho

ByKatherine Demuth