Discover the first book on employment opportunities in community psychology!Employment in Community Psychology: The Diversity of Opportunity is the first psychology career reference book for undergraduate psychology majors deciding on graduate schools, for graduate students in psychology seeking employment, and for psychology faculty advising their students. This book answers the questions “What can you do with a graduate degree in community psychology?” and “Who employs community psychologists?” Employment in Community Psychology addresses these questions through examples of graduates educated in community psychology and employed in diverse applied, research, and academic settings. In Employment in Community Psychology, you will explore the diversity of community psychology employment opportunities through the stories of current graduate students, community psychologists on their first job, and psychologists who have well-established positions in community research and action. Each experience is told in a story-telling style allowing the reader to grasp a deeper understanding of the employment opportunities that cannot be obtained through abstract description alone. Some of the experiences that highlight opportunities in the field include:

  • working in the Institute for Families in Society at the University of South Carolina as a Research Associate
  • working as a researcher at the Korea Institute of Social Psychiatry to determine how primary prevention and action research can be applied to the promotion of adolescent mental health in Korean society
  • doctoral studies that developed into the first community psychology position focusing on the issues of social justice and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups in Australian town
  • non-traditional academic positions in psychology
  • working as a social worker for Native non-profit health corporation in Alaska
  • a policy-oriented community psychologist, or a c.p. in the disabilities field
  • entering a second career in community psychology at mid-life
Employment in Community Psychology is an essential tool for undergrads and graduate students considering a career in community psychology. The rich palette of community psychology experiences that are laid out for the career researcher and advisor are sure to assist students in deciding what area of community psychology they would like to pursue.

chapter |4 pages

Employment Opportunities in Community Research and Action

ByClifford R O'Donnell, Joseph R. Ferrari

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Twenty Cents and a New Way of Thinking

ByRobert Ahlen-Widoe

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Research and Evaluation Consulting

BySusan M. Wolfe

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Education and Employment in Rural Alaska

ByCarol Yakish

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Practicing What We Preach: Integrating Community Psychology into the Job Search Process

ByRebecca Campbell, Holly Angelique, Bonnie J. BootsMiller, William S. Davidson

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Community Psychology Graduate Employment in Aotearoa New Zealand

ByKathryn Nemec, Ruth Hungerford, Linda Hutchings, Ingrid Huygens

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Community Research and Action in a Local United Way Organization

ByDavid A. Julian

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Program Evaluation and Prevention in Child Welfare

ByBenjamin Kerman

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Making Dreams Come True

ByDeanna Parker Knapp

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Building Communities with People Who Have Disabilities

ByDale R. Fryxell

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Breaking Fresh Ground: School-Based Primary Prevention in Korea

ByHyunHee Chung

chapter |5 pages

Putting a Toe in the Water

ByDavid Henry

chapter |3 pages

Diversity of Opportunity, Consensus of Experience

ByClifford R. O'Donnell, Joseph R. Ferrari