First published in 2003. The most comprehensive book on the topic of multicultural mental health, Culturally Diverse Mental Health addresses the challenge of counseling diverse populations including multiracial, homosexual, geriatric, and disabled individuals. Because many clients of diverse backgrounds have entered therapy in the last two decades, old models of treatment based on the mainstream majority no longer apply. This book compiles the latest research on a widely diverse number of populations and addresses the issue of resistance to the need to modify old practices to apply to these populations.

part 1|117 pages

Resistance to Multicultural Psychology

chapter 1|14 pages

Modern Forms of Resistance to Multiculturalism

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

chapter 3|15 pages

Resistance to Multiculturalism

The “Indian Problem”

chapter 6|13 pages

Building Bridges in the 21st Century

Allies and the Power of Human Connection Across Demographic Divides

part 2|130 pages

Diverse Ethnic Minority Populations

chapter 7|20 pages

African Americans in the New Millennium

A Continued Search for Our True Identity

chapter 8|17 pages

African-American Couples

Their Importance to the Stability of African-American Families and Their Mental Health Issues

chapter 9|14 pages

Latinos and Mental Health

At Least You Should Know This

chapter 11|19 pages

South Asian Americans

Culture, Concerns, and Therapeutic Strategies

chapter 12|19 pages

American-Indian Mental Health Service Delivery

Persistent Challenges and Future Prospects

chapter 13|18 pages

Not Just Black and White

Interracial Relationships and Multicultural Individuals

part 3|111 pages

Diverse Nonethnic Populations

chapter 14|18 pages

Women's Mental Health Research

History, Current Status, and Future Directions

chapter 16|19 pages

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Psychology

Past, Present, and Future Directions

chapter 18|17 pages


Moving from Hearing Loss to Diversity