Children's Rights explores the relevance of children's participatory rights in education, particularly at a time when there are competing demands in meeting the rigid curriculum frameworks whilst taking into account children's entitlement to participate in matters affecting their lives. It engages with theoretical and practical models of participation with an aim to support reflective practice. The chapters are informed by wider academic debates and examples from research and everyday practice in early year settings, making it an accessible read for students, practitioners as well as researchers.

chapter |4 pages


part |37 pages

Childhood and children's rights

chapter |16 pages

Childhood and children's participation

A social-cultural perspective

part |70 pages

Children's participation

chapter |18 pages


Why and how?

chapter |26 pages

Models of participation

chapter |11 pages

Participation in group care contexts

Understandings and strategies

part |39 pages

Children's participation and research