Gender, Sex, and Politics: In the Streets and Between the Sheets in the 21st Century includes twenty-seven chapters organized into five sections: Gender, Sexuality and Social Control; Pornography; Sex and Social Media; Dating, Desire, and the Politics of Hooking Up; and Issues in Sexual Pleasure and Safety. This anthology presents these topics using a point-counterpoint-different point framework. Its arguments and perspectives do not pit writers against each other in a binary pro/con debate format. Instead, a variety of views are juxtaposed to encourage critical thinking and robust conversation. This framework enables readers to assess the strengths and shortcomings of conflicting ideas. The chapters are organized in a way that will challenge cherished beliefs and hone both academic and personal insight. Gender, Sex, and Politics is ideal for sparking debates in intro to women’s and gender studies, sexuality, and gender courses.

chapter |5 pages


part I|73 pages

Gender, Sexuality, and Social Control

chapter 1|11 pages


You Have the Power to End Street Harassment

chapter 2|11 pages

“But Look at What she was Wearing!”

Victim Blaming and Street Harassment

chapter 3|5 pages


A Stroll Through White Supremacy 1

chapter 4|16 pages

The Body Wars

Sexuality, Social Control, and What Texas Can Teach Us

chapter 5|13 pages

The Abortion Debate

How Can We Talk With Each Other When We Disagree?

chapter 6|13 pages

Sex and the Body

A 21st-Century Understanding of Trans People

part II|39 pages


chapter 7|12 pages

“You're Taking a Class on What?!”

Studying Pornography in College

chapter 8|10 pages

The Porn Pandemic

What Can We Do?

chapter 9|6 pages

Just a John?

Pornography and Men's Choices 1

chapter 10|7 pages

Male and Queer in the Porn Industry 1

part III|89 pages

Sex and Social Media

chapter 11|16 pages

Slut-Shaming and the Sex Police

Social Media, Sex, and Free Speech

chapter 13|14 pages

Digital Indiscretions

Infidelity in the Age of Technology

chapter 14|16 pages

Consensual Sexting and Child Pornography

Legal and Cultural Controversies 1

chapter 15|14 pages

Social Media and Sexual Safety

Quit Facebook, Don't Sext, and Other Futile Attempts to Protect Youth

chapter 16|11 pages

Bye Felipe

Online Harassment and Straight Dating

part IV|48 pages

Dating, Desire, and the Politics of Hooking up

chapter 17|7 pages

Can Disabled People have Sex?

And Other Questions You Probably Shouldn't Ask Me If We Just Met

chapter 18|5 pages

Big Girls Need Love, Too

Dating While Fat (and Feminist)

chapter 19|11 pages

Are Women Bad at Orgasms?

Understanding the Gender Gap

chapter 20|13 pages

Why we Hook up

Searching for Sex or Looking for Love?

chapter 21|8 pages

Everybody's Not Hooking up

Asexuality on Campus and Beyond 1

part V|71 pages

Issues in Sexual Pleasure and Safety

chapter 23|14 pages

True Love Waits—do Teens?

The Importance of Sexual Honesty 1

chapter 24|18 pages

Campus Sexual Assault

Myths, Facts, and Controversies

chapter 25|10 pages

Kiss and Sell

When Young Lady Authors Write About Our Sex Lives

chapter 27|5 pages

In Defense of Going Wild or

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Pleasure (and How You Can, Too) 1