What is multicultural psychotherapy?

How do we integrate issues of gender, class and sexual orientation in multicultural psychotherapy?

Race, Culture and Psychotherapy provides a thorough critical examination of contemporary multiculturalism and culturalism, including discussion of the full range of issues, debates and controversies that are emerging in the field of multicultural psychotherapy.

Beginning with a general critique of race, culture and ethnicity, the book explores issues such as the notion of interiority and exteriority in psychotherapy, racism in the clinical room, race and countertransference conflicts, spirituality and traditional healing issues. Contributors from the United States, Britain and Canada draw on their professional experience to provide comprehensive and balanced coverage of the following subjects:

  • critical perspectives in race and culture in psychotherapy
  • governing race in the transference
  • racism, ethnicity and countertransference
  • intersecting gender, race, class and sexual orientation
  • spirituality, cultural healing and psychotherapy
  • future directions

Race, Culture and Psychotherapy will be of interest not only to practicing psychotherapists, but also to students and researchers in the field of mental health and anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of psychotherapy in a multicultural society.

chapter |7 pages


ByRoy Moodley, Stephen Palmer

part |49 pages

Critical perspectives in race and culture in psychotherapy

chapter |9 pages

Multiculturally crazy: diagnosis in Black

ByRinaldo Walcott

chapter |10 pages

Culturalism in multicultural psychotherapy

ByFarhad Dalal

chapter |12 pages

Psychotherapy across the cultural divide 1

ByDinesh Bhugra, Kamaldeep Bhui

part |57 pages

Governing race in the transference

part |39 pages

Intersecting gender, race, class and sexuality

part |38 pages

Spirituality, cultural healing and psychotherapy

chapter |14 pages

Healing and exorcism in psychoanalytic practice

ByNathan Field

chapter |11 pages

Feminist spirituality, Mother Kali and cultural healing

ByShumona Ray, Roy Moodley

part |42 pages

Future directions