Be a better researcher when studying drug abuse among minorities!

Conducting Drug Abuse Research with Minority Populations: Advances and Issues brings you the voices of drug abuse researchers who discuss the most important concerns about conducting research in drug-taking minority populations. In this strategy-based book, you’ll find yourself beneficially involved in a discussion of many of the central methodological advances facing researchers today, specifically in the target area of minority communities and their drug-using societies.

Conducting Drug Abuse Research with Minority Populations presents crucial recommendations and strategies that will lead you toward unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency when researching this subsection of the world’s drug users. In addition, find new ways to involve community members in the research process, and you’ll come to more fully understand the impact of cultural values, attitudes, and norms in the drug-taking patterns of minority persons.

With this book, you will learn more about:

  • the importance of advisory boards, gatekeepers, and indigenous workers in this type of research
  • the crucial role of incentives in recruiting and retaining minority persons in drug abuse studies
  • focus groups as tools to minimize selection bias of minority subjects
  • how cultural values may affect research strategies
  • how research teams can facilitate the collection of data within minority communities
Researchers, college educators, and substance abuse practitioners will find that Conducting Drug Abuse Research with Minority Populations improves their efforts to produce more viable data in a much shorter time span.

part I|121 pages


part |47 pages

Community Involvement: Advances and Issues

part II|161 pages


part |100 pages

Access, Recruitment, and Retention: Advances and Issues

chapter |15 pages

Strategies for Accessing and Retaining Asian Drug Users in Research Studies

ByTooru Nemoto, Karen Huang, Bart Aoki

chapter |23 pages

Retention of Minority Populations in Panel Studies of Drug Use

ByMarvin D. Krohn, Terence P. Thornberry

part |44 pages

Training and Development of Minority and Non-Minority Abuse Researchers and Research Teams: Advances and Issues

part |15 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations

chapter |15 pages

Conducting Drug Abuse Research with Minority Populations: Conclusions and Recommendations

ByMario R. De La Rosa, Mitzi S. White, Bernard Segal, Richard Lopez