This is Volume IX of twenty-two in a collection on 20th Century Philosophy. Originally published in 1964, this text is volume three of three on contemporary British Philosophy and includes personal statements from varied contributors of the time.

chapter |20 pages

The Rational and the Empirical

ByRichard I. Aaron

chapter |24 pages

Political Justification

ByH. B. Acton

chapter |18 pages

Philosophical Scepticism

ByA. J. Ayer

chapter |19 pages

On Seeing and Hearing

ByWinston H. F. Barnes

chapter |33 pages

Self-Activity and its Modes

ByC. A. Campbell

chapter |24 pages

Philosophical Knowledge

ByFrederick C. Copleston

chapter |24 pages

The Necessity of Metaphysics

ByA. C. Ewing

chapter |23 pages

An Examination of Tenses

ByJ. N. Findlay

chapter |20 pages

Identification and Existence

ByStuart Hampshire

chapter |25 pages

What is to Become of Philosophical Theology?

ByH. A. Hodges

chapter |27 pages

The Province of Logic

ByWilliam Kneale

chapter |24 pages

Worship and Idolatry

ByH. D. Lewis

chapter |23 pages

Freewill and Punishment

ByJ. D. Mabbott

chapter |23 pages

Ethical Intuition

ByDonald M. Mackinnon

chapter |20 pages

Fifty Years of Philosophy

ByH. J. Paiton

chapter |34 pages

Three Views Concerning Human Knowledge

ByKarl R. Popper

chapter |12 pages

The Argument From Illusion

ByH. H. Price

chapter |23 pages

Belief and Action

ByL. J. Russell

chapter |19 pages


ByGilbert Ryle

chapter |46 pages

How I See Philosophy

ByF. Waismann