Politics USA is a lively and authoritative introduction to American politics, giving students a rich and varied resource for all aspects of their course. The book provides expert and comprehensive analysis of US politics and government, including in-depth coverage of the presidency, the Congress, the Supreme Court and American foreign policy.

This third edition of Politics USA has been thoroughly updated to include analysis of

  • Challenges and policies of the first Obama administration
  • Recent results and developments in US elections
  • Latest major decisions of the US Supreme Court
  • Contemporary American Foreign Policy

This is an ideal introduction for students of US politics as well as anyone seeking to understand any or all aspects of politics in one of the world’s most powerful and globally influential countries.

part 1|33 pages

The constitutional dimension of American politics

part 2|64 pages

The socio-economic contexts

part 3|81 pages

The representative process

part 4|32 pages

The executive process

chapter 12|18 pages

Presidential power

part 5|38 pages

The legislative process

part 6|33 pages

The judicial process

part 7|86 pages

The policy process

chapter 18|19 pages

Serving the people

Government and domestic policy

chapter 19|14 pages


chapter 20|31 pages

Foreign policy

chapter 21|20 pages

Contemporary US foreign policy